Campus, 2020, Porsche AG

Campus may well be the best way to enter the world of work at Porsche. Informative, colorful, slightly provocative, and extremely appealing, this twice-yearly magazine for potential new Porsche employees not only looks behind the scenes of work at Porsche, but also shows what the sports-car maker is like as an employer. Journalistic feature stories, portraits, interviews, and background stories highlight the people who are working on the future of Porsche, and give many faces to the fascination for the company and its products. The articles reflect the wide range of entry-level and career opportunities on offer from the sports-car manufacturer. Target groups include interns, students, graduates, trainees, career starters, and young professionals. The magazine is distributed at job fairs and events, and of course is also available online.

Marius Groß, 2020, Porsche AG

"Porsche has a strong pioneering spirit"

Marius Groß is studying industrial engineering and management, specializing in production technology, and has recommended himself for a position as an intern at Porsche.

Thorsten Heuberger, Simone Schulz, Oliver Scheible, Daniel Bareiß, l-r, 2020, Porsche AG

A huge job

To give the Porsche employees information about the effects of the coronavirus crisis as quickly and easily as possible, an IT team developed a chatbot in lightning speed.

Training in a parallel world

A virtual tour of a car that doesn’t yet exist? Sandra Kolb and Manuel Liepe’s virtual reality training sessions make many things possible.

Miriam Hehl, Björn Ewald, 2020, Porsche AG

Dare to dream

Together with their colleagues, Miriam Hehl and Björn Ewald organize product training sessions for Porsche sales personnel from around the world.

Shari Langes, 2020, Porsche AG

Focus on People

Shari Langes is a product owner for an agile IT team. In sprints, she adds new functions to IT tools. The goal is to help company employees work better and more efficiently together.

Katrin Aufenanger, 2020, Porsche AG

Tips for learning at Porsche

Katrin Aufenanger is the specialist at Porsche who gives small tips that enable learners to take big steps. She lists the best ones here.

Porsche Book Check, 2020, Porsche AG

Driving and Reading Porsche

Porsche is about design, performance, and the passion for sports cars, but also about much more. Fans can experience the brand in the driver’s seat and in an armchair.

Kisanet Habte, Michael Pohl and Lars Sielaff, l-r, 2020, Porsche AG

The Learning Network

Have you learned something new today? The knowledge commanded by employees is a key factor in competitive success. So learning is part of Porsche’s corporate culture.

Matthias Bauer, Industrial electronics instructor at Porsche, 2020, Porsche AG

Training Revisited

Digitalization is doing a number on vocational training. That has not been lost on the instructors at Porsche’s training center, who teach and encourage a desire for knowledge.

Kerstin Hess, director of the department for financial strategy and organization, 2020, Porsche AG

Flying Start

Six steps on the career ladder in just twelve years—Kerstin Hess earned an industrial engineering degree at a cooperative state university and went on to a top job at Porsche.

Taycan Testing, 2019, Porsche AG

Full Power

Porsche has not spared the Taycan any challenge. After six million test kilometers one thing is clear: this car gives full power under any and all conditions.

First the tool, then the form

Who made the deep-drawn fender on the Taycan possible in the first place? That’s right—Michael Mohe and his team in the Saxon town of Schwarzenberg.

Tobias Hillers, 2019, Porsche AG

The Sound Pioneer

Tobias Hillers quickly realized how important the sound of electric cars would be. Now his team has created an unmistakable sound—that of the new Porsche Taycan.

Christian Wellmann

Finding common ground

Christian Wellmann is a specialist in the interaction between humans and machines. and he will help design the next generations of cockpits for car models.

Semper Vivus Lohner-Porsche, 1900, 2019, Porsche AG

Pioneering Spirit Then and Now

Ferdinand Porsche designed his first electric vehicle with rear-wheel drive back in 1898. More than a century later the sports-car manufacturer is returning to its roots.

Angelique Kerber, Porsche Brand Ambassador, 2019, Porsche AG

Star Check

Famous people around the world drive, collect, and love Porsches. A Porsche department fulfills the exclusive wishes of VIP customers.

Mate Rimac

Croatian Mastermind

Rimac Automobili makes super-fast electric automobiles. Porsche started investing in this technology and sports-car company a good year ago.

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Consumption data

911 GT2 RS


911 GT2 RS

Fuel consumption* / Emissions*

Taycan Turbo (2023)

  • 23.6 – 20.2 kWh/100 km
  • 0 g/km
  • A Class

Taycan Turbo (2023)

Fuel consumption* / Emissions*
Electric power consumption* combined (WLTP) 23.6 – 20.2 kWh/100 km
CO₂ emissions* combined (WLTP) 0 g/km
CO₂ class A

Taycan Turbo S (2023)

  • 23.4 – 22.0 kWh/100 km
  • 0 g/km
  • A Class

Taycan Turbo S (2023)

Fuel consumption* / Emissions*
Electric power consumption* combined (WLTP) 23.4 – 22.0 kWh/100 km
CO₂ emissions* combined (WLTP) 0 g/km
CO₂ class A