The Porsche Podcast

In the Porsche Podcast, we dive into the world of Porsche together. We will get to know the myth of the brand, talk about innovations and products - and above all about the people behind them. Host Sebastian Rudolph is vice president communications, sustainability and politics at Porsche. In every podcast episode he welcomes guests – from the world of Porsche and beyond.


Episode 6: Sally Carrera – the Porsche that became a Hollywood star

In the latest episode of The Porsche Podcast, host Sebastian Rudolph welcomes Pixar creative consultants Bob Pauley and Jay Ward. They talk about the story behind the cooperation, and where Bob and Jay get the inspiration for their characters. Listen to the new podcast episode here or on all the usual podcast platforms.

Episode 5: Luftgekühlt – the gathering with a cult appeal

In the latest episode of The Porsche Podcast, host Sebastian Rudolph is joined by Porsche works driver and Luftgekühlt creator Patrick Long to talk about the famous Los Angeles Porsche gathering – and the special connection between the sports car manufacturer and the US.

Episode 4: The Porsche Podcast ‘Best Of’ edition

About a year ago, we launched the English version of The Porsche Podcast. Since then, listeners have enjoyed some exclusive insights into the world of Porsche, and heard from interesting guests on a whole range of topics. Now the highlights from the past 12 months are available in a 'Best Of' edition.

Episode 3: From rookie to professional – a dream comes true

In the latest Porsche Podcast, works driver Kévin Estre and Paul Casey, pro golfer and Porsche Brand Ambassador, come together to discuss their journeys from grass roots to the absolute pinnacle of their different disciplines – and the challenges faced by the athletes whose talent and determination have seen them rise to the top.

Episode 2: The GT legend – road cars with racing credentials

Only very special Porsche vehicles get to feature ‘GT’ in their name. The abbreviation generally stands for ‘gran turismo’ and can loosely be translated as ‘great ride’ but at Porsche, the two letters also mean something else – racing with road approval. In episode 2 of the podcast, Frank-Steffen Walliser – the man responsible for the 911 and 718 model series, including the GT cars – and former racing driver and Porsche brand ambassador Mark Webber get to the bottom of the GT legend.

Episode 1: Brands: Being successful and staying at the top

In episode 1 of The Porsche Podcast we talk about brands. Some of them we even take for granted in our use of language. If you search for something on the Internet, you "Google" – and the top model of a product range is often described as “the Porsche” of its class. How does this happen? What is the recipe for success? And how does a brand stay at the top of its game?

Our guests: Maria Sharapova, entrepreneur and exceptional tennis player, and Detlev von Platen, member of the Executive Board Sales and Marketing at Porsche.