What a car, what a location, and what a bold idea.

When Chisel was given the challenge to film the 911 Turbo S at the Launch Control event at Sydney Airport, we were exhilarated. Not just at the thought of working with such a magnificent feat in automotive engineering, and a premium global brand. The cherry on top was that Porsche had already arranged to shut down a runway at Sydney International Airport for their event.

The production had its challenges, with the use of drones not permitted at the airport. A 911 Turbo S is capable of driving from 0-100km/h in less than 3 seconds with a top speed of 300km/h, so there was no way we would be able to keep up to film from the ground. The aerial cinematography was essential for us to capture as it set the context, showed the scale of the location, and visually told this once in a lifetime story.

Technically and logistically it was a huge challenge. There was an enormous amount of safety and risk assessment that we completed in collaboration with Sydney Airport, Motorsport Safety & Rescue, and Team Event. 

A helicopter was used for much of the filming. Zak, Cam and Brett from Chisel strapped into a chopper flew by expert pilot Dave, while Porsche Track Experience deputy chief instructor Luke Youlden was driving the 911 on the ground. Over the course of two hours, the chopper pursued the car up and down the runway, shooting beautiful crisp 8k cinematography using a GSS unit mounted to the front of the aircraft.

Brett would fire off stills while harnessed into the helicopter with the door open. The most challenging aspect of the aerial cinematography was the timing of each move. Luke is an incredible driver and while driving he would also be listening to Zak’s direction over the radio, all while DOP Cam and Pilot Dave would time the aerial and camera movements. For many shots the helicopter was travelling at over 150km/h in the air while the 911 Turbo S was doing 250km/h + on the runway, so only a fraction of a second could make or break a shot.

With plenty of pre-event planning and two very skilled and experienced pilots in both car and chopper, we were able to get plenty of spectacular vision.

It’s not every day you get to work with the best of the best, both people and machinery. This event felt like a something on another level. We hope you enjoy the film. It was a privilege to film it.


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