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Perfection as the benchmark and quality as the core value of a brand: the legend of Porsche is based on hard work – on conquest. That way, success is created in series on the road and in motor sport. Four stories about the reward of hard work and the sense of pride in the quality of every single Porsche.

Quality a million times over

The one millionth Porsche 911 was presented by none other than Dr Wolfgang Porsche. He explained why the Porsche 911 still follows its underlying concept and why the people that redesign and build it are more important than anything else. They ensure quality – they are Porsche. This way, quality is created a million times over.

Quality test on Circuit Paul Ricard

It has to pass ever new tests: the Porsche 919 Hybrid before it is allowed to do a lap in Le Mans. Alongside simulations and ordeals on the test bench lasting for hours, especially the 30-hour endurance test on Circuit Paul Ricard is seen as the test of stamina before the big 24-hour race, in which Porsche has been able to shine again and again over the years of its history. Quality tested for the road in motor sport. That’s Porsche.

The distance to the moon as a mark of quality

The Luna project proved the durability of the Porsche technology in the 944 S in 1987. In record time, it had to cover half the distance between earth and the moon, 384,000 kilometres across five continents driven by the Austrian Gerhard Plattner in just 258 days. And because the car was still in the best working condition after the record drive, Plattern just kept on driving. In the end, the distance on the odometer was 500,000 kilometres. Today, the Porsche 944 S has rightly earned its place in Porsche’s vehicle collection.

Quality in every millimetre

Quality needs the right environment. The halls of the quality centre in Leipzig are white and clean. The bright light means that no mistake or inaccurate gap can be missed. Before serial production begins, all of a Porsche’s components and entire vehicles are examined, measured and checked for even the smallest of imperfections by expert hands. This is what director of quality at the Porsche plant in Leipzig Andreas Schmidt and his team stand for. Because at Porsche, perfection goes without saying.

Quality for a million kilometres

Billy MacEachern drives a Porsche Turbo – a G model. Also known as the 930. What’s special about it is that he has been driving it for a very long time – because Billy is its first owner and loves his 911. However, their love goes beyond polishing and admiring the over 40-year-old classic car. Billy loves to drive his car for long distances. Both of them have covered over one million kilometres together. Living proof of Porsche quality.

The 9:11 Magazine

In 9:11 Magazine, the sports car manufacturer presents entertaining and interesting features from the world of Porsche. These features cover a whole range of issues, from the introduction of new vehicles and background stories to exciting motor-sport stories. 9:11 Magazine complements the Porsche customer magazine entitled Christophorus and the audio series 9:11. Porsche. Podcast. and is published in both German and English.

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