Product Highlights: Porsche Taycan GTS – The sporty sweet spot of the Taycan range

Porsche has added a new model variant to the award-winning Taycan range in Australia: the Taycan GTS. It’s the dynamic all-rounder of the model series, offering a sporting edge with a legendary name to match.

Porsche models bearing the GTS name deliver extra sportiness but with impressive comfort for daily use.

Positioning within the Australian Taycan model range

The new Taycan GTS holds a particular place in the Taycan sports sedan model line-up:

Kevin Giek, Vice President Model Line Taycan: “It is positioned above the Taycan 4S and below the Taycan Turbo derivatives, so it represents a real sweet spot in the range.” 

The Australian Taycan sports sedan model range is summarised below.

  • Taycan
  • Taycan 4S
  • Taycan GTS
  • Taycan Turbo
  • Taycan Turbo S


GTS: Three letters made famous by Porsche

The model name GTS occupies a special place in Porsche’s history.

The GTS name stands for Gran Turismo Sport (or Grand Tourer Sport, translated). Porsche models bearing this name deliver extra sportiness but with impressive comfort for daily use.

The GTS name is almost 60 years old: Porsche first used the name on the 904 GTS in November 1963. The car won the famed Targa Florio endurance race in Italy the following year.

The Porsche GTS family is now complete: The advent of the Taycan GTS means there’s now a GTS model variant in every Porsche new-vehicle model series on sale today.


The exterior and interior of the new Taycan GTS are visually distinctive. They follow Porsche’s GTS-specific styling themes, similar to all GTS variants in the sportscar maker’s different models. 

Dark exterior detailing: As is traditional on Porsche’s GTS models, there are numerous Black-coloured or darkened details on the exterior. These include:

  • Rear diffuser in louvered design in Black (high-gloss)
  • SportDesign side skirts painted Black (high-gloss)
  • Side window trims in Black (high-gloss)
  • SportDesign front apron
  • Door sill guards in brushed Aluminium in Black (including stainless steel loading edge protection)
  • 'PORSCHE' logo in Black integrated into the light strip
  • Model designation on the tailgate in Black (matt)
  • Tinted LED matrix main headlights including Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus (PDLS Plus)
  • 20-inch Taycan Turbo S Aero Design wheels in satin Black

The interior is dynamic and elegant: The following features define the interior styling of the new Taycan GTS:

  • Race-Tex interior package with extensive leather items in Black
  • ‘GTS’ logo on the seat headrests (front and rear)
  • Heated GT multifunction sports steering wheel upholstered in Race-Tex
  • Black accent package

Customers can choose from 13 different paint colours: The Taycan GTS is available in two different solid colours and 11 different metallic paint finishes.

Personalisation is also available: Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur offers a variety of personalisation options for both the exterior and interior.


The Taycan GTS is fitted with Porsche’s top-level Performance Battery Plus: Gross battery capacity to 93.4 kWh, helping deliver strong performance and excellent driving range:

  • Maximum power: 380 kW / 517 PS*
  • Overboost power for Launch Control: 440 kW / 598 PS*
  • Maximum torque: 850 Nm
  • Electric driving range#: 485 km
  • Recharging time^ (AC, 11 kW, 0% up to 100%): 9.0 hours
  • Recharging time^ (DC, 50 kW, 5% up to 80%): 93 minutes
  • Rechanging time^ (DC, maximum charging power, 5% up to 80%): 22.5 minutes


The Taycan GTS’s Porsche E-Performance powertrain delivers trademark Porsche sportscar performance, with 440 kW (598 PS*) of overboost power available when using Launch Control.

Here are the key components behind its impressive abilities:

800-volt system architecture: All Taycan models – including the new Taycan GTS – use Porsche’s 800-volt system architecture (not 400 volts). This contributes to impressive driving range, faster recharging and higher performance.  

It uses two power-dense electric motors from the Taycan Turbo models: The Taycan GTS, like the Taycan 4S and Turbo derivatives, uses two exceptionally efficient, permanently excited synchronous electric motors, one located at each axle (front and rear). These electric motors are the same used in the Taycan Turbo models but they’ve been adapted to the GTS. Their hairpin winding design means their copper wiring can be packed in more densely, increasing the amount of copper in each stator, which means greater power and torque outputs for the same volume, along with more efficient cooling.

The electric motors only work when needed: In Normal and Range driving modes, the front electric motor is almost entirely disconnected and de-energised. When the Taycan GTS is coasting or at a stop, there is no drive to either axle. This reduces friction drag losses and helps extend the available driving range from a single battery charge.

Two pulse-controlled inverters are fitted, one for each electric motor: Each of them converts the battery’s DC power into AC to drive the electric motors. Their 98 percent efficiency makes them exceptionally effective. 

The battery recuperates power when driving: The onboard Porsche Recuperation Management (PRM) turns the car’s two electric motors into power generators to help replenish the battery when the driver decelerates or brakes. And the Taycan feels like a conventional petrol-powered sports car – not an EV – when it does. The system’s maximum recuperation capacity is 275 kW, substantially more than its competitors, which means the battery of the Taycan GTS enjoys faster replenishing when on the move.  

There’s a two-speed transmission fitted to the rear axle: This special innovation by Porsche gives the Taycan GTS (and its model-range siblings) extraordinary acceleration, especially from a standing start. There’s also a single-speed transmission driving the front axle.

All-wheel drive grip: With a high-performance electric motor located at each axle – one at the front and one at the rear – the new Taycan GTS delivers exceptional all-wheel drive performance, especially in terms of adhesion and acceleration.

It sounds sportier: The richer sound pattern of the modified Porsche Electric Sport Sound in the Taycan GTS underlines its sporting character.


0-100 km/h: Takes 3.7 seconds in the new Taycan GTS.

Top speed: Is 250 km/h.

Driving range: From a full battery charge is 485 kilometres#.

The Taycan GTS delivers sportscar performance


In accordance with all Porsche GTS models, the Taycan GTS has been developed to provide even sportier handling whilst maintaining a high degree of comfort.

Sportscar suspension layout: The Taycan GTS shares its core suspension layout with all other Taycan model variants:

  • Front: a double-wishbone suspension design (that uses forged aluminium wishbones and hollow-cast lightweight swivel bearings)
  • Rear: multi-link rear axle with forged upper aluminium wishbones and hollow-cast lower aluminium wishbones.

Adaptive air suspension: The Taycan GTS uses Porsche’s three-chamber adaptive air suspension. Specifically tailored for the new Taycan GTS, it delivers a variety of spring rates in fractions of a second, along with a self-levelling function. It also has a Smart Lift feature to raise the front of the car for obstacles, such as steep driveways.

Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM): This is Porsche’s electronic shock absorber system. It optimises stability and comfort by making rapid adjustments to each of the car’s four suspension dampers. PASM has also been specifically adapted in the new Taycan GTS to maximise sports handling and lateral dynamics.

Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus (PTV Plus): This electronically controlled system varies the drive torque to each of the wheels to maximise traction and handling.

Optional rear-axle steering: This clever feature applies a gradual steering angle to the rear wheels (either in the same direction or opposite direction to the front wheels) to enhance steering precision and maneuverability. This feature is available on all Taycan model variants but has a sportier set-up in the new Taycan GTS.

Sport Chrono Package

It’s fitted as standard equipment: The drive mode switch (a small rotary dial) for the driver-selected driving modes (Range, Normal, Sport, Sport Plus, Individual) is situated on the GT multifunction sports steering wheel. The Sport mode in the Taycan GTS has been designed to be even more dynamic compared to other Taycan models.

Drivers can choose from 5 different driving modes in the Taycan GTS

Brakes, wheels and tyres

Remarkable braking abilities: The Taycan GTS has impressive sportscar stopping power thanks to its high-performance braking system:

  • Front brakes: 390 mm diameter / 38 mm thick cast iron discs (internally vented) with 6-piston aluminium fixed monobloc calipers (red in colour)
  • Rear brakes: 358 mm diameter / 28 mm thick cast iron discs (internally vented) with 4-piston aluminium fixed monobloc calipers (red in colour)

Lightweight sports wheels: The Taycan is fitted with 20-inch Taycan Turbo S Aero Design wheels finished in satin black. 21-inch Mission E design wheels are optionally available.

  • Front wheels: 9.0 J × 20 ET 54
  • Rear wheels: 11.0 J × 20 ET 60

High-performance tyres: Their sizes are:

  • Front tyres: 245/45 ZR20 101Y XL
  • Rear tyres: 285/40 ZR20 105Y XL

Charging the Taycan GTS in Australia

Two plug-in ports for convenience: There are recharging ports on both the driver’s side and front-passenger’s side of the Taycan GTS. Both are located just ahead of the front doors.

Recharge the battery from mains power at home or on the road: The Taycan GTS comes with the Mobile Charger Connect as standard, providing intelligent charging functions as well as a Charging Cable (Mode 3) for use at AC public charging stations. For charging at 400 volt charging points, a 150 kW on-board DC-Charger is standard in Australia.

3 recharging solutions for the Taycan GTS: In Australia, owners have several ways to charge their Taycan, including High Performance Charging, Home Charging, and Porsche Destination Charging.

  • High Performance Charging: Taycan buyers get a complimentary three-year subscription to Australia’s Chargefox Ultra-Rapid DC charging network (up to 350 kW), and complimentary charging at selected Chargefox-managed Fast DC charging sites (mostly 50 kW)&. Their subscription starts on the day of delivery and owners can download the Chargefox app via Google Play or the Apple App Store.
  • Home charging: Taycan buyers can have their home recharging installation requirements assessed by Jet Charge. This can be arranged by their Porsche Centre sales consultant at time of purchase.
  • Porsche Destination Charging: Australia’s Porsche Destination Charging Network in Australia continues to grow across metropolitan and regional sites. Taycan owners can use these complimentary charging facilities when they’re on the road. Visit the Porsche Destination Charging network online to find locations.

By the numbers

  • Up to 440 kW / 598 PS* (horsepower) of overboost power for Launch Control
  • 850 Nm maximum torque for Launch Control
  • 93.4 kWh Performance Battery Plus
  • Two-speed rear-axle transmission with all-wheel drive
  • 250 km/h top speed
  • 3.7 seconds for 0-100 km/h
  • 485 km# driving range
  • 22.5 minutes’ recharging time^ (DC, maximum charging power, 5% up to 80%)
  • 1963 – the year ‘GTS’ first appeared on a Porsche model

Summary: The Taycan GTS represents the sporty sweet spot of the Taycan model range. 

Driving comfort and dynamics

  • Integrated Porsche 4D Chassis Control
  • Adaptive air suspension including PASM (Porsche Active Suspension Management), both adapted for the Taycan GTS
  • Porsche Stability Management (PSM) with ABS and extended brake functions
  • Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus (PTV Plus)
  • Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control Sport (PDCC Sport) (optionally available)
  • Rear-axle steering, adapted for the Taycan GTS (optionally available)
  • Porsche Traction Management (PTM)
  • Porsche Recuperation Management (PRM)
  • Vehicle Stability System Porsche Stability Management (PSM) with ABS and extended Brake Functions
  • Five driving modes: Range, Normal, Sport, Sport Plus, Individual

Audio and Communication

  • Porsche Communication Management (PCM 6.0) with 10.9-inch HD touch display including online navigation, mobile phone preparation, audio interfaces and Voice Control
  • Porsche Connect with Apple® CarPlay (wireless) Music streaming
  • Online radio
  • E-mobility services including charge management, control of vehicle parking pre-climatisation or range management
  • Access to remote services
  • 2 USB charging and connectivity ports in the front centre console; 2 USB charging ports in the rear passenger area

Australian standard specifications

  • Tyre sealant and electric air compressor
  • Privacy glazing
  • Windscreen with Grey top tint
  • Automatic dimming mirrors
  • Electrically folding exterior mirrors
  • Metallic paint
  • Power steering Plus
  • ParkAssist including Surround View
  • Adaptive Cruise Control incl. Active Lane Keeping and Traffic Jam Assist,
  • Head-Up Display
  • Lane Change Assist
  • Porsche Entry (Comfort access)
  • Seat heating (front)
  • Seat ventilation as a No-Cost Option (NCO)
  • Side airbags in rear compartment
  • BOSE Surround Sound system (14 speakers including sub-woofer and 710 Watts of power)
  • Digital radio
  • 150 kW on-board DC-Charger for 400 volt public charging stations
  • Home Energy Manager
  • 22 kW Mobile Charger Connect
  • Public charging cable (Mode 3)
  • Porsche Charging Dock
  • Three-year subscription to the Chargefox network, which includes free charging on the Chargefox Ultra-Rapid charging network (350 kW)&

Warranty and Service Pricing

  • 3-year warranty
  • 8-year / 160,000 km battery warranty
  • 2-year / 30,000 km service intervals
  • Service pricing varies from state to state due to different labour rates. For an indication of service pricing please visit the website of your nearest Porsche Centre.


More information for consumers: here.

More information for media: here or contact


* PS (PferdeStärke, German for horsepower) is the standard unit used in the European Union to measure the power output of a motor in ‘metric horsepower

# The published kilometre (km) range figures are determined by Porsche AG testing in accordance with ADR 81/02 on test vehicles assuming the battery is fully charged. Actual figures will vary as they are dependent on many factors, including without limitation: individual driving style, road and traffic conditions, environmental conditions, a vehicle’s or battery’s condition, load and use. Usage of specific features and accessories (eg: vehicle equipment such as air-conditioning, or wheels or tyres used etc.) can change relevant vehicle parameters such as weight, rolling resistance and aerodynamics and can also affect the range and performance values of a vehicle. CO₂ emissions can also be generated at the power source when vehicles are being recharged, unless 100% renewable energy is used. Generally, kilometre ranges will vary from the published figures in real world Australian driving and charging conditions. Published figures should only be used for the purpose of comparison between vehicles. Please contact an Official Porsche Centre to obtain specific information about vehicles and features.

^The specified charging outputs and times (hour/minutes) are dependent on various factors: in general, the charging output and time can vary due to physical and chemical limits, depending on factors such as the available output of the country-specific energy infrastructure, the customer's own domestic installation, the temperature, interior pre-conditioning and charging status, as well as the age of the battery. Charging times may therefore be significantly higher than those specified. To achieve the optimum value of the specified DC charging time (DC = direct current) for a charge status increase from 5 to 80%, a CCS (combined charging system) fast-charging pedestal with > 270kW and > 850V is required, as well as a battery temperature of 30°–35°C. The charging status when commencing charging must not exceed 5%. For physical and chemical reasons, the charging speed decreases as the battery approaches its full capacity. Therefore, it usually makes sense to use fast DC charging to charge the battery up to 80% or up to the required range. The predominant use of CCS fast charging pedestals leads to a long-term increase in charging times. For regular fast DC charging, we recommend a maximum charging output of 50kW. When charging in a domestic environment, AC charging (AC = alternating current) is recommended. Using an (AC) industrial electrical outlet will result in improved efficiency and a much shorter charging time compared to using a household socket.

Published figures should only be used for the purpose of comparison between vehicles. Please contact an Official Porsche Centre to obtain specific information about vehicles and features

& Access to complimentary Chargefox charging services is subject to customers downloading the Chargefox app and accepting Chargefox’s terms and conditions.

Apple App Store is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.


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