A well oiled machine: Porsche sold around 120,000 litres of its Classic Motoroil last year, thereby establishing a new best-seller right from the start. The engine oil, which has received awards in several tests, was developed especially for classic Porsche vehicles and comes in two variants. Porsche is also bringing back the original red oil filters for the 911 (up to Type 964), the 914/6 and the 928 models.

The multigrade oils from Porsche Classic are a fully adequate substitute for the single-grade oils that had to be used in sports cars up until the early 1970s. The state of petrochemical technology at the time only allowed for the production of oil that could be used within a limited temperature range. A low-viscosity oil was needed in winter, especially for the warm-up phase, while summers required the use of a thicker oil that would ensure the stability of the lubricating film under intense operating conditions.

Designed especially for Porsche sports engines

Specialists at the Porsche Development Centre in Weissach led the way in the development of new oils. Further improvements and the use of additives made it possible to create high-quality base oils whose viscosity remains stable even at high temperatures. Today's multigrade oils are designed for use in contemporary engines – but larger bearing play and manufacturing tolerances, as well as air cooling and the sealing materials in classic Porsche engines require the base viscosity and chemical properties of oils from the past. The motor oils from Porsche Classic meet this demand. Their very high shear stability offers additional security in the high temperatures generated by air-cooled components.

This high temperature resistance plays a key role, as does the fact that the oils are aligned with the material properties of Porsche engines from the past: unlike the conventional synthetic oil used in modern sports cars, whose additives damage the seals in older engines, the Classic Motoroil products are designed to ensure the smooth functioning of engine components from past model series. The oils also offer corrosion protection, while additives such as zinc and phosphorus protect against wear and tear and are designed especially for Porsche sports engines and their combustion processes.

Porsche original red oil filter, 2016, Porsche AG
Porsche is bringing back the original red oil filters

Porsche Classic has also revived Porsche’s original red oil filters to go along with the new special motor oils. The Porsche 911 (including the Type 964), Porsche 914/6 and Porsche 928 will now be equipped ex-works with the filter in the lush Porsche red colour tone. This filter had been temporarily replaced by a black filter that featured the same functionality with a different appearance.

The company is expanding its international dealer and service network

Porsche Classic takes care of all vehicles whose production end date is generally more than ten years in the past. Services here encompass all aspects – from technical literature to aftermarket manufacturing of original parts, and even complete restorations. The company is expanding its international dealer and service network to around 100 Porsche Classic Partners in order to ensure optimal support and overhauling of classic cars. Porsche customers and potential customers can expect the complete range of Porsche Classic services from the Partners. Porsche has thus integrated the care and value preservation of both modern classics and vintage cars into an innovative service concept that closely interlinks Porsche tradition and innovation. Further information is available at: www.porsche.de/classic.

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