The documents are now available from all Porsche dealerships worldwide. What’s more, a selection of the technical literature can also be ordered directly from the Porsche Classic online shop.

The documents for older classic Porsche vehicles in particular include not only the driver's manual itself, but also extensive technical information, settings and practical tips. From the radio unit number to the vehicle data carrier, the type plate
or paint data plate through to the engine number – all identification details and their position are illustrated and described in detail. These booklets have often become worn or are lost over time. That is why Porsche Classic already started to digitise their original documents a number of years ago. Alongside driver’s manuals, this also includes warranty and maintenance booklets as well as the overviews of types, dimensions and tolerances. Amongst other things, these documents contain detailed information on settings for the engine and chassis, as well as the body dimensions. Each reprint always matches the original version in terms of the printing, look and quality.

700 driver’s manuals are currently available from Porsche Classic

Around 700 driver’s manuals are currently available from Porsche Classic, including editions in various languages and in some cases also for different model variants. Roughly 150 of these original documents are available in German. The portfolio also includes more than 100 warranty and maintenance booklets, 20 of which are in German. There are also vehicle servicing and care booklets/instructions as well as vehicle wallets that are true to the original.

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