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China is the largest individual market for the Zuffenhausen-based sports car manufacturer. What makes the region so special? The Porsche Newsroom gives an overview.

In 2017, Porsche delivered more than 71,000 vehicles in China. This represents an increase of ten per cent on the previous year. For the second time in succession, this makes China the largest individual market for Porsche. The most popular model is the Macan, with around 8,500 deliveries in the first quarter of 2018. The largest percentage increase was achieved by the Panamera, which was up by around 680 per cent on the previous year. There has also been a successful start to 2018 in China: With more than 18,600 vehicles delivered, the sports car manufacturer exceeded the results of the comparable period in the prior year by three per cent.

The Porsche customers in China are particularly young when compared to the worldwide customer base – on average 20 years younger than European and American customers. The proportion of female customers in China is also relatively high (approx. 30 per cent in China vs. approx. 20 per cent in the USA and approx. ten per cent in Germany). Chinese women show great interest in two-door sports cars in particular (42 per cent of 911 drivers in China are female).  There are also many customers who are motorsport fans. The Porsche Carrera Cup Asia is now the largest in the world.

The distribution network in China consists of a total of 103 Porsche Centres. With the opening of the Porsche Studio in Guangzhou, the sports car manufacturer crossed the 100 sales location threshold at the end of 2017. In addition, the sports car manufacturer has piloted new sales formats in China: The newly opened Porsche City Service Centre in Shenzen offers customers an even more central location for a range of services for all models.

By opening the Porsche Experience Centre Shanghai, Porsche is expanding the offering for customers and fans even further. The customer experience centre, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the Shanghai International Circuit, offers a range of driving programmes on different stretches of track.

Development of models

The Porsche 911 holds a leading position in the sports car segment in China: The sports car icon has achieved a segment share of 50 per cent.

The 718 models dominate in their segment: With a share of 83 per cent, these models leave their competitors far behind.

The Cayenne has a segment share of five per cent (note: E3 available only since March; significant growth is expected).

The Panamera has achieved a record high in China with a market share of 19 per cent.

The Macan has stabilised at a market share of seven per cent.


Segment shares as assessed in February 2018

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