Alicia’s chin is held high, with just a hint of the arrogance one so flippantly associates with a ballerina’s look. Her hair has been tamed into a chignon, which makes her eyes look that much larger. Austere, critical. Nothing now exists but the music and her body, and the finishing touches it will receive in anticipation of the final examination. There’s no sign of the shy, friendly 18-year-old who just five minutes ago was recounting how she came to be in Stuttgart and at the John Cranko School, to help smooth her journey to the world of the ballet stage.

Since January 2012, Porsche is a partner of the Stuttgart Ballet and promotes performances and events of the world-renowned ballet company. The sports car manufacturer also supports the construction of the John Cranko Schule with 10 million euros. For an article of the customer magazine Christophorus Porsche staged two of the students in the headquarters in Zuffenhausen and at the Porsche Museum.

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