Bianca has established herself as an integral designer in Australia’s vibrant fashion industry. Her journey echoes that of her pioneering mother, the late Carla Zampatti, whose famed collections and achievements transformed fashion in Australia.

Bianca Spender’s sought-after creations focus on empowering women through elegant tailoring.

Her impressive designs are enduring. They also embody her values and commitment to living mindfully. She has made these principles the underpinning characteristics of her 2022 Spring/Summer collection showcased at Afterpay Australian Fashion Week.

Bianca Spender’s sought-after creations are all about empowering women through elegant tailoring.

“The driving inspiration for the Spring/Summer collection is optimism,” she says, speaking during a styling session where she selected looks from the collection for the Porsche Woman.

“This season we embraced colour in a way that was finding a new leanness in the colour, and a way that it really lifted your spirit.

"It was all about an emotional response to the clothes.”

There is an important purpose behind Bianca’s Spring/Summer collection. The leading Sydney designer has imbued it with her signature philosophy of empowerment.

“There was this slight disruption to the beauty as we're looking at liberating women.

“We've broken away from these ideas of the corporate wardrobe. You're really finding clothes that inspire you, and finding clothes that have this way that they can morph in their world.

“It's all about not seeing us in one kind of limited space, but seeing how we weave all the way through our days in life.”

The uncompromising designs that characterise Bianca’s creations often include unexpected tailoring twists.
Optimism is the inspiration for Bianca Spender's Spring Summer collection.

Bianca Spender, Porsche and sustainability

The uncompromising designs that characterise Bianca’s creations often include unexpected tailoring twists. These help anchor their timelessness and make them recognisable and eye-catching. And their quiet refinement gives room to emphasise their sophisticated structure and intricate details.

But it’s also Bianca’s ethics-based design approach that stands out. It shares a remarkable resemblance to Porsche’s, specifically the sports car maker’s Sustainability Principle and the importance it places on material use.

“Nature has always been such a huge source of inspiration for me." Bianca Spender

“It was really exciting to collaborate with Porsche and Bianca Spender because there was such a natural synergy; a real investment in design, attention to detail, commitment to quality,” she says.

“Nature has always been such a huge source of inspiration for me. This has been incorporated by having a quota in our business for 50% remnant fabric. And what that means is you can buy fabrics that previously would have been burned or been in landfill.

“We managed to get 80% of the clothes in fashion week as remnant fabric, which really shows how creativity can be curious, sustainable and forward thinking.”


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