Jade Akamarre is a picture of commitment. The fourth generation Aboriginal-Australian artist is busy extending her family’s long creative legacy with a captivating body of work that intersects art, fashion and culture. Her oeuvre captures and communicates a deep reverence for her Country ‘Atnwengerrp’ in Australia’s remote Northern Territory, the cherished lands of her family’s ancestry. It also conveys a profound message that springs from her instincts, an insight she shared recently during an interview with Harper’s Bazaar:

“Dream big. It’s the way I approach my work, my art and my life; the entire process is about dreaming.” Jade Akamarre, Artist, Art Dealer and Gallery Owner
Jade Akamarre

Dream weaver

Jade is a proud Alyawarre Woman. Based in South Australia, the renowned artist and art dealer founded the Pwerle Gallery in 2015, specialising in contemporary Aboriginal Australian works. Many of the gallery’s artists are family members. Their creations, along with Jade’s own artworks, convey their collective cultural heritage.

The spark for one of her more recent unique creations had an unexpected origin.

“I created this one-off piece,” she says, referring to a radiant painting rich in deep colours and intricate patterns, “after being inspired by the Porsche Taycan. I titled it ‘Atnwengerrp – Dreaming in my Grandmother’s Country’ because of its connection with my ancestry and the many deep feelings it brings.”

Her creation captivates. Jade’s artistry is inspired by her profound connection to her culture and her homeland. Her paintings exude her passion for the land, her knowledge of its natural patterns, and her spiritual affinity to her ancestors. She employs a distinctive technique of loosely executed dots in linear patterns, evoking an aerial view of her country’s natural beauty. The spectacular mix of coloured dots create a kaleidoscope of nebular shapes and evocative patterns that express a celebration of her family’s long-standing Indigenous roots.

“The Neptune Blue colour of the Taycan was my starting point,” she says. “The shape of the Taycan was something I was drawn to. My artwork tends to have similar assets and shapes which meant I could see the natural connection between the exterior design language of the car and my own visual style.”

Jade’s relationship with Porsche began long ago with her father. He owned a Porsche sportscar, a source of fond memories for Jade. In more recent times she has continued this personal connection via her collaboration with Porsche Centre Adelaide, a partnership she uses to share her cultural heritage through contemporary Indigenous art.

Jade Akamarre is one of Australia's most influential artists.

Runway launch

Both an artist and designer, Jade recently expanded her creative reach by establishing her first clothing range, a collection that celebrates both Porsche’s involvement with Australian Fashion Week and the electric sportscar behind her recent seminal painting.

“It was the perfect opportunity to launch the Akamarre capsule collection, which was inspired by the Taycan,” she says. “It reflects this alignment.”

Much like the canvas that underpins her superb artworks, Jade and her small team chose a fitting fabric to showcase the style of her first-ever collection.

“Denim is raw, edgy and sexy. We really wanted to play on the lines of the Taycan and bring those elements into our designs.” Jade Akamarre

A look at any of the garments in the Akamarre collection confirms she has succeeded. Jade says the Taycan’s sophisticated and elegant forms create a special confidence, the kind that can “make anyone feel they are completely empowered.” It’s the same potent essence behind driven women like Jade, and the guild of creative dreamers both she and Porsche celebrated at this year’s AfterPay Australian Fashion Week.

Personal style

Another attraction that caught Jade’s artistic eye was the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur program and its ability for people to create something unique and personal.

“I was also drawn to the process of Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur. I love the fact the client is able to sit down and pick every tiny detail about producing their car. One car is never the same in the way one painting is never the same.”

The parallels are striking. Part of this uniqueness comes from blending heritage and tradition with innovation and creativity, a process that takes generations to develop. You can see it in the respective histories of Ferry Porsche and Jade Akamarre. It’s how dreams are brought to life.


Visit pwerle.com.au to discover more about Jade Akamarre.

Images: Brey Fuentes

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