In fact, the two can go hand in hand. While the stereotypical idea attached to a SUV is large, disruptive and somewhat masculine, Porsche challenges this and fuses elements of sophistication and luxury to their Cayenne and Macan SUV models.  

With this in mind, moments before the commencement of arguably the most stylish week on the Sydney social calendar, I collected my shiny Porsche Cayenne GTS wheels, and got the show on the road. Australian Fashion Week is the opening for the most fashionable in fashion to whip out anything that reflects their style, being a straight “flex zone.” And yes, this most definitely includes a stylish set of wheels.

Gone are the “Uber everywhere” days and here are the days of 2021. The days where the hours spent on the road in traffic can actually be hours of enjoyment with the right tools (in this case, wheels)! 

Unbeknownst to me, my week was about to become a lot more fashionable with my new wheels. And the road was to become my catwalk. From the moment of being handed the keys to the shiny red SUV waiting at the front of the store, I knew I was in for a real treat. 

Smooth black leather seating with sharp red stitching, a perfectly lit Porsche logo on the doorframe, a large sunroof panning the entire ceiling, and the scent of a fresh new car. I was ready to rock and roll the week away. 

Rather than being just a mode of transportation for moving from A to B to Z and back to A that week, the Cayenne fast became my fashionable sidekick. Or did I become the car’s sidekick? Either way, the car took a solid spot in the limelight and made for quite the entrance wherever it was we were. From meetings to runways to interviews to luncheons or dinners, the Cayenne was with me.

My attachment to the car grew fast, so much so that I found myself leaving events early... Tammy Christina

The countless hours spent on the Sydney roads were not only fine, but pleasurable. I found myself looking forward to the transit just to bask in the comfort of the fresh leather and impeccable sound system. My attachment to the car grew fast, so much so that I found myself leaving events early just to make it in time for a sunset drive and music jam. And in doing so, I compiled a lovely list of key features that elevated the car like no other.

Reverse parallel parking? A breeze. Live birdseye camera for moving in all directions, beepers, and park assist. 

Radio? Amazingly tuned digital radio with an impeccable stereo system. 

Engine roar? You betcha. Even at low speeds the baby can roar.  

Steering wheel? Smooth, sleek and easy to maneuver.  

Aesthetic? Well, let it speak for itself. Did you see the sunroof? Mega tick! 

Trunk space? Fitting everything from PR mail boxes, 5-10 outfits a day, groceries and more, the trunk space is something the Cayenne could never be said to lack. 

Oh and the final part that I just could not wrap my head around: hand sensor!! The screen unlocks all options when it senses your hand within a close distance. Revolutionary! 

Tammy Christina in the Porsche Cayenne GTS


Author Tammy Christina

Images Arvin Prem Kumar

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