Round 1: de Silvestro at the start

Cockpit change for Simona de Silvestro: in Formula E, she drives the 99X Electric as a test driver – for 9:11 Magazine she gets behind the wheel of the Taycan. While driving in the mountains and in her hometown of Zurich, she reports on the power of the first all-electric sports car from Porsche – and how much fun it is to drive.

Round 2: 911 on the wrist

Swiss watchmaker's work of art: the high-quality chronographs of Porsche Design are created in Solothurn. The special feature is a customer configurator that makes each watch unique: a reflection of each 911’s individuality.

Round 3: Toblerone on the Track

The 911 Carrera RSR 3.0 started racing in 1974. One of the vehicles back then was the Porsche with chocolate branding – in Swiss colors and with a Swiss team. Today the Toblerone Porsche is driving again.

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