While the last first-generation Panamera left the production line in Leipzig only a few days ago, a selection of approximately 300 journalists from around the world are currently testing its successor model. In the surroundings of the Tegernsee lake, found in the Bavarian Prealps, media representatives are being treated to the best conditions to experience the Gran Turismo in all kinds of situations: on idyllic, panoramic roads with spectacular Alpine backdrops, on curves along forks in hill country, or on sporty stretches along the nearby motorway. An overview of selected press reviews:

“Like the last generation, the 2017 Panamera has two personalities: Sports car and luxury sedan. But unlike its predecessor, the two are much less distinctive from one another — and that's not a bad thing. Both sides of the car blend together in a seamless way, providing equal parts corner-carver and comfy cruiser.”

“[The company] answered the criticisms and made an outstanding car that has real talent, real identity and real luxury. The Panamera Turbo is indeed new and it is brilliant.”

International press launch Panamera, Tegernsee lake, 2016, Porsche AG
Journalists experienced the new Panamera at Tegernsee lake

“The steering for such a large car is unerringly precise and gives you the impression you can place it accurately even when the pace increases.”

“On more interesting roads, it's uncommonly talented for a car so heavy. With the standard air suspension in its most hunkered down mode and the optional four-wheel steering system doing its thing, the speed you can take into and then carry through corners is simply mind-boggling. To find the limits of this car's traction you'd need a big old circuit.”

“The original Porsche Panamera was a great idea with flawed execution. The 2017 Panamera not only fixes the flaws but also updates the idea with bleeding-edge technology. It truly is a sports car when you want it to be and a luxury car when you need it to be.”

Hans-Joachim Stuck, former race car driver, Panamera, Tegernsee lake, 2016, Porsche AG
Prominent guests like the former race car driver Hans-Joachim Stuck tested the new Panamera as well

"I expected the second generation Panamera to be good, but the depth and breadth of the cars dynamic abilities took me by surprise. Combining near limousine like ride quality with sports car like handling was always going to be a pretty tall order. But the engineers have succeeded spectacularly, and owners of the new Panamera will not have to apologise for the styling either!"

“The Panamera's ride quality is excellent, the back seats comfortable and its ability to swallow huge miles - at huge speeds, if you're in Germany, where it truly belongs - is hugely impressive.”

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