No night at the museum: 2

A night in a museum is always a great adventure. But it gets really exciting when the when the exhibits brought to life are allowed to conquer the night themselves for once.

So the question is, where can the dream cars be found?

In Stuttgart of course!


Porsche RS Spyder

The Stuttgart theatre and the Porsche RS Spyder

Ok, so the RS Spyder built for the American Le Mans series didn't come to the Stuttgart theatre to dance in the Swan Lake ballet. But the race car with power output of 480 hp cuts such a fine figure on narrow, winding tracks that Porsche won eight out of ten races in the 2006 début season and almost inevitably pocketed the titles in the driver and team ranking.

Porsche 909 Bergspyder

A pioneer of lightweight design: he Porsche 909 Bergspyder outside the Porsche museum

The mountaineer among race cars: even though the Porsche 909 Bergspyder hasn't won any races, it is regarded as a pioneer of lightweight design. The sporty car weighing just 430 kilogrammes parked outside the main entrance of the Porsche museum even makes the building appear to float.

Porsche 917 “Pink Pig”

The Porsche 917 “Pink Pig” at Eliszis fairground

With the pig at Eliszis fairground. The 917/20 owes its affectionate nickname to its paintwork designed by Porsche designer Anatole Lapine that represents the flesh... that's right... of a pig. With this paintwork this unique car cuts a bella figura between the carousels, swingboats, hat-throwing stall, ring-the-bell, merry-go-ground and waffle bakery at Killesberg park.

Porsche 935 “Moby Dick“

The new Stuttgart city library and the Porsche 935 “Moby Dick”

Those who think that libraries are uninspiring places will be proven wrong when they see the new Stuttgart city library. The building designed by Korean architect Eun Young Yi that opened in 2011 is cubic, practical and bright. A delicate colossus. Just like "Moby Dick", which represents the pinnacle of the development of the 935/78 – built for maximum speed in Le Mans.

Porsche 911

The original 911 in golf blue

Blue has a calming and relaxing effect. Blue creates inner and outer peace. And when the blue is a golf blue, fun is guaranteed as there is doubtlessly a 911 behind the blue guise – like the original 911 here.


Text first published in rampclassics“ issue 4

conception: Michael Köckritz // photos: Benjamin Pichelmann // postproduction: Thomas Gering, www.rawkitchen.de // production: Bianca Huber

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