How can you describe your two years partnership with Porsche brand?

Working with Porsche has been an incredible experience so far. The company is a huge supporter of tennis and I’m proud to be its first female brand ambassador. Porsche really understands the modern athlete and the modern woman, and it just offers an unparalleled vision of a luxury driving experience.

According to Porsche and lot of people, you are a brave tennis player, a modern and independent woman who drives your life in a successful way. What are your secrets?

For me, it’s all about determination and discipline. I set both short-term and long-term goals and I understand that the only way to get there is through hard work. If you are true to your goals and true to yourself then success will come.

In future, which are your next plans with Porsche? Is there any goal you did not reach yet in this partnership?

Would love to widen my own driving experiences with Porsche, and also continue working on customization projects. I’m passionate about design and the business of branding, so that part is always particularly interesting to me.

Which are your main expectations and challenges for the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix 2015? How will you prepare yourself for the best matches?

It’s always a blessing and a curse to walk into a tournament as a reigning champion. There is comfort in familiarity but a tremendous added challenge of heightened expectations.

In my last interviews, I always asked you about luxury. This time, I really would like to know what luxury and sophistication mean to you when we think about tennis as a sport and lifestyle.

Well I think that the most important thing about tennis is that it is truly a global sport. It is celebrated across so many cultures and countries around the world, by people who have a long dedicated passion for tennis. Because its reach is so great, and because of its rich history, the sport of tennis holds an unparalleled power that is attractive to luxury brands.

Are you thinking about coming back to Brazil? It would be a great opportunity to meet you again. Which are your main expectations to the Olympic Games? And what about Rio Open? Have you ever thought about competing at this tournament?

I would love to come back to Brazil. The experience of playing there is terrific and the fans are so warm. My tournament schedule is quite full, but I would definitely be open to the opportunity.

About Sugarpova, have you ever thought about having them in Brazil? And are you thinking about another partnership with a brand like you did with Porsche for the Sugarpova Speedy?

In just over two years, Sugarpova has grown tremendously and we are rapidly expanding into other countries. There are always some back of house logistics that need to be reconciled to grow internationally, but of course we would love to bring our premium candy collection to Brazil!

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