Who is the most popular employer in Germany? This question is examined thoroughly by various research institutes every year. For this purpose, they interview thousands of students, graduates and young professionals. Porsche is always in the top rankings. In 2015 as well. In some cases, the very good results of the previous year could once again be significantly improved.

The prestigious ranking of the Universum Institute shows that the Stuttgart-based sports car manufacturer is one of the most popular employers especially among engineers and economists. As in the previous year, Porsche secured third place on the winner's podium in both categories. Also among the computer scientists, more and more students perceive Porsche as an attractive employer. Porsche ranked in the top ten here.

In the study conducted by the Trendence research institute, Porsche as an employer also won third place among engineers and economists. Especially in the category of economics, the company was able to improve and moved up two places. In the IT category, the company has also advanced: it jumped to 10th place from slot 13.

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