The bonus contains two components: 8,211 euros are being paid on account of the positive company results and for the special achievements of the workforce during the past financial year of 2015. 700 euros are available as a special contribution to the Porsche VarioRente pension scheme or to individual retirement provisions.

During the 2015 business year, the sports car maker increased deliveries by 19 per cent compared with 2014, to 225,121 vehicles. Revenue rose by one quarter to just under 21.5 billion euros and operating profit also increased by a quarter to 3.4 billion euros. The special bonus for 2015 will be paid out to some 15,600 employees of Porsche AG, adapted to their individual working hours and length of service as of last year.

Everyone employed under the collective pay agreement benefits from the bonus

For Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG, the level of the payment is the logical consequence of a remarkable team performance: “The bonus is the justly deserved reward for the great commitment shown by our employees. My special thanks go out to them, because their knowledge and their dedication have contributed to our achieving such an exceptional result in what is by no means an easy environment.”

Chairman of the General Works Council Uwe Hück commented as follows: “There's probably nobody who expected this and hardly anyone would have dared hope for a result like this. But our people have done a good job, haven’t they? That’s why I’ve been happy to have the matter out with the Executive Board and take a few symbolic bruises. I don’t mind that at all if, in return, our colleagues receive an exceptional special bonus. Despite the scars, I would like to say thank you to the Executive Board on behalf of the entire workforce! I’m proud of everyone. And what I like particularly is that really everyone employed under the collective pay agreement benefits from the bonus – regardless of whether they work in production or in an internal service division, whether they work as clerks or engineers.”

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