When Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond start a new project, fans from around the world eagerly await the result. This time is no different: To coincide with the start of their new web series “The Grand Tour”, the three presenters are co-founding a new online platform called “DriveTribe” together with Andy Wilman and Ernesto Schmitt.

The intention is to cover all conceivable aspects of automobiles under a wide range of topics, and in doing so, to inform and entertain visitors to the site, and to provide a place for like-minded car enthusiasts to exchange information. The site will feature videos and interactive social media functions in addition to articles. The content is bundled into “tribes”. Each of these tribes is headed up by an expert who assumes the role of tribe leader.

Porsche would like to invite anyone who is interested to join its tribe. Tribe leader Mark Webber will provide regular updates regarding new developments from Zuffenhausen and around the world. Whether it is motorsport in Le Mans, an adventure drive in Cambodia or the most beautiful Alpine passes in Switzerland – there is a wide range of topics.

See what Mark Webber has to say:

Clarkson, May and Hammond will launch the new official platform at 5 p.m. (CET). People can follow the live event on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.  

In addition to DriveTribe, Porsche offers a wide range of other channels to inform and entertain users. The central port of call is the Porsche Newsroom. The portal is a corporate blog, online magazine and social media hub all at once and makes it easier to research and access Porsche topics. Here, media professionals can download press releases, photos and videos – without the need to log in.

You can find regular updates in real time on Twitter. The @PorscheNewsroom Twitter account keeps people informed about everything from the world of Porsche and currently has around 416,000 followers. @PorscheRaces is the Twitter channel for all Porsche motorsport activities in the GT field. @Porsche_Team provides updates regarding test drives and races involving the Porsche LMP1 team.

The @porsche_newsroom Instagram account is another platform for Porsche’s press and public relations work. The exclusive photos found here supplement the existing portfolio.

You can also access free content at www.porsche.com, www.facebook.com/porsche and www.youtube.com/user/Porsche.

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