DriveTribe: With Porsche in Bella Italia

To coincide with the launch of their new programme “The Grand Tour”, former Top Gear hosts are starting up an online platform called “DriveTribe”. Photographer Marcus Hoffmann has already been touring round Italy in a 718 Boxster S for the site.

A “digital home” for all automotive enthusiasts – this is how the founders of the new “DriveTribe” platform describe their new creation in their own words. The founders are: Jeremy Clarkson, James May, Richard Hammond, Andy Wilman and Ernesto Schmitt. Four of these five feature in “The Grand Tour” on Amazon Prime – the unofficial successor to Top Gear.

With drivetribe.com, the intention is to cover all conceivable aspects of automobiles under a wide range of topics, and in doing so, to provide information and a place for like-minded car enthusiasts to exchange information. No matter whether the topic is American muscle cars, technical details of the four-cylinder flat engine or even the link between cars and fashion – there is a vast range of content. The topics are bundled into “tribes”.

A message from Jeremy Clarkson: DRIVETRIBE

German photographer Marcus Hoffmann will lead the fashion tribe. Just before the site went live, Hoffmann staged a fashion shoot at Lago d'Iseo in Italy. In addition to clothing and accessories from brands such as Escada, Michael Kors and Stella McCartney, he also included the new 718 Boxster S in the shoot. “Both elements – the fashion and the Porsche – stand for perfection in their respective areas. This is the basis of the link between the two”, explains Hoffmann. Combining these two elements with the Mediterranean surroundings of Lombardy creates an image with that is aesthetically pleasing on multiple levels. “The beauty of fashion, the beauty of the car and also the beauty of travelling is reflected in the images”.

This encapsulates the vision that Marcus Hoffmann has for his fashion tribe. “We want to appeal to fashionistas just as much as car enthusiasts. The website’s content should excite both groups equally”. The first photos, which Porsche Newsroom is showing as an exclusive preview, perfectly illustrate what this meeting of fashion and cars looks like. Soon they will then be available in full on drivetribe.com.

The 718 Boxster S for DriveTribe in Italy

718 Boxster S: Combined fuel consumption: 8,1-7,3 l/100 km; Combined CO2-Emission: 184-167 g/km

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