Founded in 2016, Porsche Digital GmbH is Porsche’s technology and digital unit. Its mission is to find and scale new digital business models and to optimise existing products. In realising this aim, the subsidiary of Porsche AG develops digital offerings and services, comes up with technologically excellent industry solutions, and is the driving force of the digital ecosystem. To tap into promising business models outside the company, Porsche Digital draws on its global network of nine innovation centres. These are located in Palo Alto, Atlanta, Barcelona, Berlin, Zagreb, Tel Aviv, Shanghai and Beijing. Its headquarters are in Ludwigsburg – approximately 20 kilometres north of Stuttgart.

Porsche Digital focuses on scouting promising digital and tech start-ups. It acts as a strategic partner and develops the companies in its portfolio in close collaboration with Porsche’s investment arm, Porsche Ventures.

In addition, Porsche Digital established  company builder Forward31 in 2019, and started a joint venture with media company Axel Springer in 2018 to create the Berlin-based early-stage start-up investor APX.

Digital offerings, technologically excellent industry solutions

“We have a global presence thanks to our nine tech hotspots across the world, which makes us an active partner in innovation,” says Stefan Zerweck, COO of Porsche Digital. “We support promising digital companies with their business ideas that are in the early and growth phases and build digital platforms with them.”

In the summer of 2020, Porsche Digital expanded its digital business portfolio by  successfully launching the start-up &Charge. This digital platform, which is based in Frankfurt and was the first loyalty programme for e-mobility in Europe, contributes to the way traffic is changing and is helping to drive forward mobility transformation. For all purchases, bookings, and other transactions processed via &Charge, users receive ‘kilometres’. These can then be redeemed as charging credits for electric vehicles or free rides on public e-scooters and car-sharing services – among other things. The &Charge platform is available in Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands, and the company has been climate-neutral since its foundation.

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