Start-up “&Charge” promotes electric mobility

With "&Charge", Porsche Digital has successfully spun off its own company in the field of e-mobility, thereby expanding its digital business portfolio. "&Charge" offers a digital platform through which users can obtain credit for their online purchases for electric mobility. The start-up, which is based in Frankfurt am Main in Germany, thus offers the first loyalty program for e-mobility in Europe.

For all purchases, bookings and other transactions that are processed via the online platform, users receive so-called "kilometers". These kilometers can then be redeemed, as charge credits for electric vehicles or free trips with public e-scooters and car-sharing services, among other things.

Mattias Ulbrich, 2019, Porsche AG
Mattias Ulbrich, Chief Executive Officer of Porsche Digital

Within a short time, our team at Porsche Digital has built a successful and independent company out of an idea. Digital platforms can significantly accelerate the change towards sustainable mobility solutions", explains Mattias Ulbrich, Chief Executive Officer of Porsche Digital. "We have succeeded in doing this thanks to the commitment of Eugen Letkemann and his team, above all.”

A climate-neutral company since its foundation

The "&Charge" platform is currently available in Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands. Other countries are to follow shortly. So far, the offer has been well received: Since its inception, a large number of companies have joined the initiative as partners – including more than 600 e-commerce partners and eleven mobility providers. The team is currently mainly working on supplementing stationary offers. In Baden-Württemberg in Germany, the first partnerships have been concluded in the fields of gastronomy and retail.

"With our platform, we strive to contribute to the change in mobility. We put the customer at the centre of our activities and create lucrative incentives for sustainable mobility", explains Eugen Letkemann, Chief Executive Officer of "&Charge". "The key to this is that we can offer our users a broad portfolio of services – both in terms of collecting and redeeming kilometers".

"&Charge" has been a climate-neutral company since its foundation. The start-up not only avoids, reduces and compensates the CO2 emissions of its own business activities, but also those of its users. Customers can use their collected "kilometers" to support certified climate protection projects. To this end, "&Charge" works together with the project developer and climate solutions provider "South Pole".

&Charge founders: Simon Vogt, Chief Sales Officer, Eugen Letkemann, Chief Executive Officer, Matthias Drechsler, Chief Technology Officer, 2020, Porsche AG
&Charge founders: Simon Vogt, Eugen Letkemann and Matthias Drechsler

About Porsche Digital

Porsche Digital is the technological and digital forge of the Zuffenhausen-based sports car manufacturer. Its central task is to find and scale new digital business models and optimize existing products.

To this end, the entirely owned subsidiary of Porsche AG develops digital products and services, designs technologically excellent industry solutions and is a driving catalyst for the digital ecosystem. The company's headquarters are located in Ludwigsburg, Baden-Wurttemberg. A further six locations are distributed worldwide in Berlin, Barcelona, Tel Aviv, Shanghai, Atlanta and Palo Alto in Silicon Valley.

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