He used to keep his passion a secret from the tabloids, and especially from his thousands of female fans. But Howard Donald, a successful musician and heartthrob for two decades now, can nally be more open about this topic. “Yes, it’s love,” the Take That singer admits. “And the car has a rear end to die for.” Back in 2011, Donald (47) began the relationship with his object of desire –three years his senior – far from the public eye. A mutual friend introduced him to his 911. Porsche specialist Lee Maxted-Page knew Donald’s sophis- ticated tastes and also guessed that the pop star was ready for a long-term relationship – assuming his partner had a su ciently high-octane character. “I love the dominance and the sex appeal, and I enjoy the admiration. But there’s also a sensitive side, and sometimes you have to be very gentle.”

The two of them have been inseparable ever since – the one-time teen idol and his ivory 1965 911 with the inimitable blue stripes, the two lines that grace every car owned by this auto-motive enthusiast. Donald and his racing 911 have spent a lot of time together. They have traveled throughout Europe and to some of the most challenging racetracks one could wish for. “Our most beautiful experience was a trip to Spa, where we spent a day on the course. Afterward, we drove back to my apartment in Germany. Then I relaxed, listening to music on headphones – simply perfect,” he says. A father several times over, Donald still tours the world frequently with fellow band members Mark Owen and Gary Barlow. His 911 gives him time to get away, which he enjoys on long drives and on racetracks. “When I’m on tour I miss my car. I miss the smell when I close the garage door. I take every opportunity to clean the car, and drive it, unless it’s pouring rain.” Donald’s companion has a good thing going. It gets what millions of the singer’s fans can only dream of – a heartfelt smooch after an especially exciting drive. 

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