With this result, the Frenchman beat Michael Ammermüller (D/BWT Lechner Racing) in the duel for the championship by just 2.5 points. “What a crazy finale. My plan was to drive a flawless race without risking too much. Unfortunately I made a mistake, but I’m now simply over the moon about the title,” said Andlauer. Larry ten Voorde (Overdrive Racing by Huber) from the Netherlands won round 16 on Sunday at the wheel of his Porsche 911 GT3 Cup. The other podium steps were occupied by Ammermüller and Igor Walilko (PL/Overdrive Racing by Huber).

“Winding up the season with a victory feels great. Michael Ammermüller was close on my bumper in the penultimate lap, but I stayed cool,” said ten Voorde. The driver from the Dutch town of Boekelo laid the foundation for his fifth win of the season at the start. The 22-year-old took up the race from the second grid spot and overtook Ammermüller in the first corner. While ten Voorde initially pulled clear of the field, Ammermüller came under pressure from Walilko, however the seasoned specialist skilfully defended himself in the first laps, shook off his competitors and gradually closed in on the leading Huber driver. A victory would have handed Ammermüller the title, however ten Voorde maintained his front spot over 19 laps to cross the finish line first. “Honestly, I didn’t think the championship would end up so close. Unfortunately I missed out on finishing in first place, but it’s almost impossible to overtake on this narrow circuit. With six wins under my belt, it was still a successful season for me,” said Ammermüller.

Igor Walilko (PL/Overdrive Racing by Huber) was thrilled with his first podium result in the Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland. “It’s a fantastic end to the season. At first I was faster than Michael Ammermüller, but I didn’t want to risk making a reckless overtaking manoeuvre,” said Walilko. Porsche-Junior Jaxon Evans (Team Project 1 – JBR) concluded his debut season in the national one-make cup on fourth place. “That’s a good conclusion. It was a season full of experiences, which I enjoyed,” stated the New Zealander. Fifth place went to David Kolkmann (D/Black Falcon). Following the 22-year-old over the line were Dylan Pereira (L/Lechner Racing Team), Henric Skoog (S/Overdrive Racing by Huber) and Jaap van Lagen (NL/Förch Racing). Porsche-Junior Andlauer finished on ninth place. The 20-year-old was running in fourth place only to slide into the gravel trap in the fifth lap and drop back to ninth place. Toni Wolf (D/Car Collection Motorsport) rounded off the top ten at his home event. The young racer lives in Schönbrunn in the Erzgebirge district.

The decision in the amateur standings also went down-to-the wire on Sunday: Rivas (L/Black Falcon Team Textar) won the final round and took home the class title. His two toughest rivals on the 3.645-kilometre racetrack were Stefan Rehkopf (D/Huber Racing) and Andreas Sczepansky (D/QA Racing by Kurt Ecke Motorsport). Evans claimed an early title in the rookie category at the penultimate race weekend of the season, with BWT Lechner Racing winning the team title.

26th champion of the Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland: Julien Andlauer

With Sunday’s race at the Sachsenring, the 30th anniversary season of the Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland came to an end. Andlauer is the 26th champion of the national one-make cup. During the season, the youngster from Lyon earned 262.5 points, beating Ammermüller (260 points) and ten Voorde (220 points).

Result race 16

1. Larry ten Voorde (NL/Overdrive Racing by Huber)
2. Michael Ammermüller (D/BWT Lechner Racing)
3. Igor Walilko (PL/Overdrive Racing by Huber)
4. Jaxon Evans (NZ/Team Project 1 – JBR)
5. David Kolkmann (D/Black Falcon)
6. Dylan Pereira (L/Lechner Racing Team)
7. Henric Skoog (S/Overdrive Racing by Huber)
8. Jaap van Lagen (NL/Förch Racing)
9. Julien Andlauer (F/BWT Lechner Racing)
10. Toni Wolf (D/Car Collection Motorsport)

Points’ standings after 16 of 16 races

Drivers’ classification
1. Julien Andlauer (F/BWT Lechner Racing), 262.5 points
2. Michael Ammermüller (D/BWT Lechner Racing), 260 points
3. Larry ten Voorde (NL/Overdrive Racing by Huber), 220 points

Title decision must wait – Ammermüller wins at the Sachsenring

The fight for the crown of the Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland remains open until the final race. Michael Ammermüller won round 15 of the season at the Sachsenring on Saturday ahead of Larry ten Voorde and Dylan Pereira.

“I drove a flawless race. It was important that I got past Larry ten Voorde early and it worked perfectly,” said Ammermüller, whose arch rival for the title, Julien Andlauer (F/BWT Lechner Racing), finished the race on fourth place. The Porsche Junior takes up Sunday’s decider race with 255.5 points to his credit, and a 15.5-point advantage over Ammermüller. The decision in the amateur class will also go down-to-the-wire on Sunday: in this classification, Carlos Rivas (L/Black Falcon Team Textar, 264 points) holds a narrow lead over Stefan Rehkopf (D/Huber Racing, 257.5 points). At round 16 on Sunday, 25 points will be awarded in both categories. 

Right from start, Ammermüller demonstrated his determination to win. At the wheel of his 485 hp Cup Porsche, the driver from Germany’s Rotthalmünster catapulted from second on the grid past pole-sitter ten Voorde. Ammermüller then proceeded to pull clear off the field. An early safety car phase prevented the Lechner driver from extending the gap, however Ammermüller again underlined his skill at the restart. Lap for lap, the seasoned specialist eked out an advantage to take the flag in first place after 19 laps. This is Ammermüller’s sixth win so far this season – the most he has ever claimed in a Carrera Cup season. An intense duel for second place ensued between ten Voorde and Pereira, with the Dutchman fending off repeated attacks from the Luxembourger. “That was a really tough fight against Dylan Pereira, and it was fun. I made a slight error at the start, but the result is still great,” said ten Voorde.

Pereira climbed the podium for the ninth time this season. “I managed to get past Julien Andlauer right at the start. I then tried to force Larry ten Voorde into making a mistake. Shortly before the flag I was glued to his bumper but he defended himself well,” said the Luxembourger. Series leader Andlauer finished the race in Saxony’s Hohenstein-Ernstthal in fourth place. “I was much faster than Larry ten Voorde at the start, but there was no room to overtake. Then Pereira passed me, but with an eye on the championship title I still have everything in hand,” said the 20-year-old. Porsche-Junior Jaxon Evans (NZ/Team Project 1 – JBR) rounded off the top five as the best rookie of the day. “That was a cool race. Finishing fifth at my debut on the Sachsenring is a pretty decent result.”

Sixth place went to Igor Walilko (PL/Overdrive Racing by Huber) ahead of Jaap van Lagen (NL/Förch Racing) and Tim Zimmermann (D/Black Falcon). Toni Wolf (D/Car Collection Motorsport) raced in front of home crowds this weekend. The 20-year-old from Schönbrunn in the Erzgebirgskreis district achieved eleventh place in the race. In the amateur class on the 3.645-kilometre racetrack, Rivas beat Rehkopf and Georgi Donchev (BG/Huber Racing). The 16th and final round of the Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland gets underway on Sunday at 1.15pm local time. Fans can follow the action live on www.porsche.de/carreracup. Ammermüller starts from pole position for the seventh time this season. Andlauer takes up the race from the third grid spot. 

Result race 15

1. Michael Ammermüller (D/BWT Lechner Racing)
2. Larry ten Voorde (NL/Overdrive Racing by Huber)
3. Dylan Pereira (L/Lechner Racing Team)
4. Julien Andlauer (F/BWT Lechner Racing)
5. Jaxon Evans (NZ/Team Project 1 – JBR)
6. Igor Walilko (PL/Overdrive Racing by Huber)
7. Jaap van Lagen (NL/Förch Racing)
8. Tim Zimmermann (D/Black Falcon)
9. Henric Skoog (S/Overdrive Racing by Huber)
10. Jannes Fittje (D/Team Project 1 – JBR)

Points’ standings after 15 of 16 races

Drivers’ classification
1. Julien Andlauer (F/BWT Lechner Racing), 255.5 points
2. Michael Ammermüller (D/BWT Lechner Racing), 240 points
3. Larry ten Voorde (NL/Overdrive Racing by Huber), 195 points

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