Annual & Sustainability Report 2019

Operating profit before special items: 4.40 billion €
Revenue: 28.52 billion €
Operating return on sales: 15.4%
Employees: 35,429

Press release on the 2019 financial year

Facts & figures

Financial analysis

An overview of the net assets, financial position and results of operations from January 1 to December 31, 2019.

Financial data

The financial position, income statement, comprehensive income and cash flows at a glance.

General information

Important events

One of the highlights in the 2019 fiscal year was the world premiere of the new Taycan.

Reports for the years 2015 to 2019 for download

Reports from the departments


The Porsche personnel strategy has its focus on people.


For Porsche, economic success and social responsibility are inextricably linked.


Porsche maintains close connections with the world of sport via both its products and motorsport programme.


Maintaining its outstanding reputation is a key factor in the success of Porsche.


Customer satisfaction is an integral part of Porsche Strategy 2025 Plus.


In the 2019 financial year, Porsche produced a total of 274,463 vehicles.


Porsche worked in close relationship with its suppliers to ensure a reliable supply of high quality components and to optimise value chains.

Sustainability management

Sustainability strategy

Porsche is pursuing its goal to become the most sustainable brand for exclusive and sporting mobility.

Porsche Sustainability Index

The company uses the Porsche Sustainability Index to set itself ambitious targets for its different action areas, which must be reached by 2025.

Stakeholder management

Stakeholder dialogue

The company is particularly concerned with conducting and consistently building on a process of proactive exchange with its stakeholders.

Action areas of Sustainability

Innovative Mobility

With Innovative Mobility, the company unites pioneering, sustainable mobility with typical Porsche performance.

Reliable Partner

Porsche has a corporate duty to take the interests of its stakeholders into account: after all, environmentally and socially compatible actions can only be ensured by working together.

Go to Zero

When it comes to future production, Porsche is pursuing the vision of a zero-impact factory. This means that company production processes must have no negative impact on the environment wherever possible.