The Porsche Track Experience is a program of progressive driver training events conducted at selected track facilities in Queensland. Participants not only get to improve their driving skills and access road safety education from Porsche’s team of professional drivers and globally certified instructors, they get to experience the unrivalled performance of the carmaker’s finest sports cars at the same time.

Porsche Track Experience Australia consists of five separate full-day training levels. Each one equips participants with new driving skills and prepares them for the level that comes next. This means participants can achieve their personal driving goals by starting out with the fundamentals of vehicle control in the Precision program (Level 1), and progress through all the way to the GT3 Cup program (Level 5), which provides coaching for the advanced skills needed to drive a genuine, factory-built 911 GT3 Cup racing car on a circuit.

Depending on the training level chosen, Porsche Track Experience events are held at either the RACQ Mobility Centre of Excellence in Mt Cotton, Queensland, or Queensland Raceway near Ipswich.

“The training philosophy behind Porsche Track Experience Australia is simple: tell us your driving goal and we’ll help you achieve it,” says Daniel Schmollinger, Managing Director and CEO of Porsche Cars Australia.

“The Porsche Track Experience is an exciting and rewarding way to experience the potential of the sports cars we create. And everyone is welcome, whether you’re a Porsche owner or a passionate fan looking to develop your driving skills in one of our cars.”

“The Porsche Track Experience is an exciting and rewarding way to experience the potential of the sports cars we create.” Daniel Schmollinger, MD and CEO of Porsche Cars Australia

Precision (Level 1) – RACQ Mobility Centre of Excellence, Mt Cotton

The focus here is on the fundamentals of vehicle control. It covers driver safety, driving dynamics and responding to critical driving scenarios. Precision is designed for first-time participants and readies them to move through the other four training levels.

This full day of training covers everything from correct seating position, steering to vision control, and includes slalom and handling driving as well as an assessment of your driving style.

Precision Plus (Level 2) – RACQ Mobility Centre of Excellence, Mt Cotton

Precision Plus builds on the skills introduced in Precision. Here, you will learn how to corner accurately at speed on a closed road circuit. You will also practise evasive driving actions and experience how small changes in speed can create significant load changes in a car.

Precision Plus focuses on accurate steering, skilled braking and careful acceleration. It also includes a dedicated off-road driving experience in the Porsche Cayenne.

Performance (Level 3) – Queensland Raceway, Ipswich

More precision, more performance, more driving pleasure! Once you have successfully completed the Precision training levels, you will move on to the Performance training. Performance focuses on specific driving skills using individual driving instruction so you can improve your command of a vehicle and learn how to drive a Porsche confidently, dynamically and safely on the racetrack. This involves individual laps with one-to-one coaching at higher speeds.  With the help of the certified Porsche Instructor team you will fine-tune the correct driver inputs to achieve accurate and effective corner braking.  

Performance also prepares you for Master by building your familiarity with the circuit’s sequences of bends so you can discover the optimum driving line.

Master (Level 4) – Queensland Raceway, Ipswich

Your Precision and Performance training were just the beginning. The next challenge is already waiting for you with the Master training, taking your driving skills and track performance to the next level. 

Because Porsche sports cars are made for the track, Master is where you will further develop and hone the skills needed to deploy their full performance potential. One-to-one driver coaching, along with data analysis of the vehicle with your personal engineer, will help you achieve precise steering skills when cornering and how to operate the pedals for optimum driving performance lap by lap. The training is usually conducted in a Porsche 911 GT3, giving it the full name of Master GT3.

New for 2023 is Master GT4 RS, which lets you complete Master Level 4 in Porsche’s powerful mid-engine sports car, the new 718 Cayman GT4 RS  

Both Master GT3 and Master GT4 RS are available in the Porsche Track Experience program.

Note: Master GT3 is the pre-requisite to proceed to GT3 Cup.

GT3 Cup (Level 5) – Queensland Raceway, Ipswich

This is the highest level of the Porsche Track Experience. Here, you will get to experience the unrivalled potential of a genuine, factory-built 911 GT3 Cup Car (type 992), with slick tyres, aerodynamic downforce and in-car radio communication.

The GT3 Cup training is all about coaching you in the advanced driving skills needed to lap a 911 GT3 Cup Car at speed. Your dedicated engineer will monitor your driving inputs using state-of-the-art vehicle data acquisition tools. These will let you fine-tune and advance your braking, shifting and steering skills at racetrack speeds. With the help of in-car video footage and one-on-one coaching, your personal Porsche Instructor – led by Bathurst 1000 winners and certified Porsche Chief Instructors Tomas Mezera and Luke Youlden – will work closely with you and teach you how to unlock the full potential of this exceptional race car. The training focuses on following racing lines quickly and independently, developing alternative racing lines and minimising unwanted load-changing reactions.


The Porsche Track Experience is available throughout the year. Check the official Porsche Track Experience website for all participant requirements and to schedule a booking.


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