The ‘Women at PCA’ series features 20 articles to be shared throughout the year to tell the extraordinary success stories of the women at Porsche Cars Australia.

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Launching Thursday 14 April 2022, every fortnight a new article will be published revealing the stories of the women who work at Porsche Cars Australia.


Maree Papadakis and Lana Rutter

They’re a powerful duo and without Maree Papadakis (she/her) and Lana Rutter, head office life at Porsche Cars Australia wouldn’t be able to run as smoothly as it does.

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Danielle Pasa

As a working mother, the opportunity to join Porsche Cars Australia as a Human Resources Advisor in a part-time capacity was the ultimate drawcard for Danielle Pasa.

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Alexis Truscott

With a plethora of career highlights and successes already under her belt, a promotion to the role of Porsche Cars Australia’s new Head of Public Relations is just the latest achievement for Alexis Truscott and another step forward in her career. 

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Susie Gulevski

For Procurement Officer Susie Gulevski, stepping into a role at Porsche Cars Australia meant re-entering the workforce was a little more exciting than for most. 

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Sarah Wang and Isla Yang

For Assistant Accountant, Sarah Wang, and Company Accountant and Sales Support, Isla Yang, passion and drive have got them to where they are today.

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Sharon Borg

While scrolling through her social media feed one night, a position advertised with Porsche Cars Australia caught Sharon Borg’s eye. Immediately, she felt butterflies in her stomach. 

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Morgan Haynes

In the three and a half years that Morgan Haynes has been at Porsche Cars Australia, she has enjoyed working across a variety of roles, most recently being promoted to Marketing Communications Specialist.

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Sina Schneeweis

Born in Germany, Sina Schneeweis has a close connection to Porsche, and working for the sports car brand was a long-term goal for her; one she was able to achieve while studying for her undergraduate degree.

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Alana Brooks and Franca Di Pietro

Between them they manage the numbers to keep the wheels turning at Porsche Cars Australia; yet for Alana Brooks and Franca Di Pietro, the key to their success comes down to communication.  

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Georgia Skene and Lauren McKay

There’s nothing quite like the behind-the-scenes thrill of working in marketing and events at Porsche, and two new starters at the Melbourne head office are still buzzing with enthusiasm about working at a sports car brand they have long admired. 

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Grace Paleti

Dreaming big has been a driving force for PCA Group IT Systems Support, Grace Paleti. Inspired by her father and his dreams as a young man growing up in India, Paleti left her home country in pursuit of Australian shores and a career in engineering.

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Lisa Edgar

From managing all importer production enquiries to spearheading the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur offering, Lisa Edgar experiences perpetual excitement and drive in her role as Planning & Production Supervisor at Porsche Cars Australia.

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Rosemary Toms and Marea Ah-Chuen

To work alongside each other is a joy for Aftersales and Training Co-ordinator, Rosemary Toms and Marketing Operations Coordinator, Marea Ah-Chuen. It’s the cross departmental relationships and synergy of the Porsche Cars Australia working environment that is known for bringing out the best in its team members.

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Rasma Ertl

An internship with Porsche in her native Germany in 2009 led to a role of a lifetime for Rasma Ertl, who now works at the Melbourne-based Head Office as a Porsche Track Experience Manager.
Since 2016, Ertl has been creating track experience programs for Porsche owners and enthusiasts alike across Australia. She's all about getting clients behind the wheel of the sportscar maker's captivating machines and enjoying the thrill of experiencing them on a race track.

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Stephanie Weiser

When Public Relations Manager Stephanie Weiser joined Porsche Cars Australia eight years ago, she was keen to work with a luxury sports car company after a 14-month stint in Europe working at a Formula One Team gave her a taste of life in the fast lane. Weiser is behind some of Porsche Cars Australia’s most defining PR moments, but it’s her commitment to elevating woman with drive that put the Porsche brand in a league of its own under her leadership.

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Chloe Adamson

Organising Porsche’s 70th Anniversary Gala in December with a mere six-week lead time to host 400 special guests is one of the high-pressure moments of 2021 that Events Manager Chloe Adamson will never forget. It stands out as a career highlight for Adamson during her 11-year tenure with Porsche Cars Australia.

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Hayley Brabant

With the arrival of Porsche's first fully electric sporscar, the Taycan, in early 2021, she is electrifying Australia, delivering the Porsche Destination Charging program all across the country.

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Matleena Pukkila & Kristy Brockway

Two women driving the motorsport agenda at Porsche Cars Australia know that delivering client experiences comes down to their attention to detail. They might operate in the male dominated world of motorsport, but when it comes to this dynamic duo, anything is possible.

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Photography: Megan Harding

Author: Jane Rocca

Editing: Stephanie Weiser, Morgan Haynes, Porsche Cars Australia

Project management and social: Portia Atkins, Porsche Cars Australia and Elle Morley and Jess Lennie, Noisy Beast

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