With a German mother and Tunisian father, Stuttgart-born Khedira, 33, has two passports and is currently playing in Italy for Juventus Turin. The greatest successes of his career so far were both in 2014, when he won the Champions League with Real Madrid in Spain and the FIFA World Cup with the German national team in Brazil. Khedira's connection with Porsche extends beyond his love for the 911 – he is also an ambassador for the Turbo for Talents youth development programme.

How are you?
I'm doing very well, thanks.

What is love?
A feeling of great affection and close connection.

How would you describe the Porsche 911 in a nutshell?
Absolutely fascinating! It's fast and a lot of fun, but it also gives you a comfortable driving experience.

Which simple things make you happy?
The chance to play the sport I love every day – namely, kicking a ball around.

What’s your favourite road?
I don't have one, but I do like German autobahns.

What distracts you?
Hopefully not the goalie …

What three things would you take to a deserted island?
A football, my family, and a toolbox.

Whom or what do you admire?
People who are determined to achieve their goals.

What on a 911 could you do without?
The roof.

And what couldn’t you do without?
The sports seats.

What music did you wake up to this morning?
Good question – I'd have to call the radio station and ask what they were playing.

What is your favourite film? 
Ridley Scott’s Gladiator.

What is your favourite book?
I like non-fiction.

What was the last thing you posted on social media?
A photo from our practice session.

What is your most treasured possession?
My family and friends.

Coffee or tea?

What is the 911 moment of your life?
Every time I start it up.

What is your best advice?
Never give up and always follow your dreams.

What would no one expect of you?
I am an awfully good cook.

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