Each fortnight a new theme was released on Porsche Cars Australia's social media channels that relates to the storied history of Porsche in Australia.

It was then up to you to creatively interpret this theme, capture it in a photo, and post it to your Instagram feed to form part of the selection of photos to be judged by the judging panel.

Responses could focus on breathtaking imagery, abstract art, a personal story, or perhaps a childhood memory.

The topics were announced every fortnight and varied from design to lifestyle and journeys and more.

While ten winners were announced for each theme, there was one overal winner pictured below. Congratulations!

Overall winner

Entries were judged on creativity and how well they have captured the relevant theme for a particular fortnight. Below are the images of the round winners. 

Theme Seven: Passion

Porsche is driven by dreams. Passion has always driven this. We want to see what drives your aspirations, show us what passion means to you through imagery.

Theme Six: Lifestyle

Whilst we reflect on the last 70 years, the Porsche Lifestyle celebrates living in the moment, and having a driven mindset. What inspires your lifestyle? Tell us through imagery you've captured to demonstrate your connection to the theme.

Theme Five: Design

Over the last 70 years, Porsche is ever evolving but design has always been at the forefront. We want to know, what design features inspire you? Showcase this through your creative imagery.

Theme Four: Journey

We believe that every journey tells a story – sometimes it can be the most memorable part. The imagery you captured along the way tells that story and we want you to share a photo on your Instagram feed that tells us how you connect with this theme.

Theme Three: Australia

We are celebrating 70 Years of Porsche in Australia and want to know what you are inspired by when you think about Australia. It might be where you’ve taken your Porsche or your favourite roads to drive.

Theme Two: Heritage

It’s time to reflect on 70 amazing years of Australian Porsche history with a theme and prize fit for passionate collectors. Showcase your photography skills and express the theme of Heritage in a celebratory way. Remember you don’t need a Porsche to participate, time to get creative.

Theme One: Calling all Porsche Enthusiasts.

To launch the 70 years of Porsche Cars in Australia photo competition, the first theme is something special to Porsche: Calling all Porsche Enthusiasts.

All car lovers welcome. From your favourite Porsche feature, to Porsche memorabilia you may have collected, show us how you connect with this theme and what it means to you.


Congratulations to all of you!

This competition was a game of skill and chance plays no part in determining the winners.

Terms and conditions can be found here.

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