Shaped by performance. Discover the Cayenne S Coupe with Todd Liubinskas.

Systematically, Todd starts his day everyday with the intention to show up 100% in everything he does. From training on Sydney’s iconic beaches to work, family and hobbies, performance is a constant thread in every aspect of his life. While Todd not only represents the fitness industry physically, it is the work that he does behind the scenes, the perfecting of his craft, his mindfulness practices and ability to show up for hundreds of people every day that sets him apart.

Todd was born into a performance lifestyle. His dad was a professional athlete and his mum an aerobics teacher. He was introduced to the Palm Beach Sandhills at the age of 5 and training for performance is deeply rooted in his DNA.

“Those early days taught me that if I wanted to be the best, I would need to do things that no one else was doing. It set me up for my professional sporting years. My experience as a professional athlete has been highlighted across Rugby Union, Rugby League, playing basketball at a high level with the North Sydney Bears Basketball ABA, tough football, competing in triathlons and more recently adventure racing. Being born into a world of fitness and elite sport paved the way for my life and created a passion for high performance."

Anyone who wants to get into shape knows that this takes work. A defined muscle only takes shape through training. Through repetition and endurance. Over and over again. The Cayenne Coupe is exactly the same. It was not shaped by standing still. Porsche challenges the performance process over and over again and prove that whether on the race track or the road, leisure or everyday driving: at the wheel of the versatile Porsche Cayenne S, fascination and sporty driving pleasure undisputedly take the lead.

“Driving a Porsche has had an immediate impact on me, allowing me to relive my elite performance values, and really immerse myself within the brand” “My time with the Porsche Cayenne S Coupe was awesome. The SUV packs a powerful and beautiful design, and I seriously turned some heads arriving to breakfast most mornings. I can’t place just one thing that I like about the car, there is so much to love. I can’t wait to drive it again.”


The experience was courtesy to Porsche Centre Sydney South

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