Australian award winning Sony Music Violinist, Recording Artist and Performer, Roberts has been entertaining audiences worldwide for over 25 years. In 2017, his Classical/Crossover album Pink debuted at No.1 on the Aria Charts. The charity album for the National Breast Cancer Foundation has since turned gold. Most recently in 2019, Roberts released his sixth album titled All Out of Love. Featuring Air Supply and the Prague Symphony Orchestra Roberts premiered the album at the Sydney Opera House.


Where did your love of music begin?

Learning the Violin at the age of five introduced many elements of music to me and in particular how music is created. I think I have always had a great love of music; it truly started to come out during my primary school and teenage years where I would listen to all kinds of music and really start to appreciate what they all had to offer. Classical music has always been in my blood. Growing up in a musical family gave me the opportunity to listen to and appreciate all musical genres which really helped me love music.  

Where did your love for Porsche begin?

I think ever since I was a little boy I would always look at the shape of a Porsche 911 and distinctively know this was the ultimate sports car. Growing up I would see them on the road and also on TV during the immense racing history that Porsche has and I knew that this car was the ultimate driving package.  As I grew up I had always dreamt of owning a Porsche, as for me it was the ultimate racing machine that had such incredible history dating back to the 1930’s. 

The 911 for me symbolises the ultimate design and driving package combined with a mix of pure classic lines without being too overstated in its presence.


What appeal does the 911 have for you as a musician?

Being a Violinist and playing such a classic instrument, I have always prided myself on representing the history and culture of the great creators of the 20th century. I feel there is a connection between a classic engineer and inventor such as Ferdinand Porsche and the likes of the great Antonio Stradivari himself.  In my opinion the 911 is the true Porsche car to drive and is the symbol of this incredible brand.

Do you have a place that you enjoy driving with your 911 during this time?

Being based in Melbourne, Victoria, I always enjoy driving along the beach and through the many scenic driving areas close to the beach.  Nothing tends to stop me also taking the time to enjoy a nice winding road such as the Albert Park Grand Prix track or a spirited drive up to the Dandenong Ranges to truly appreciate the amazing handling characteristics that the 911 offers.  Melbourne has some great roads to enjoy driving but at the end of the day it’s always a very rewarding experience driving anywhere in the 911.

How would you describe your car in a nutshell?

Driving the 911 Carrera 4S is in my opinion the perfect balance of sporty and classic. It still retains the old metallic feel and handling on the road combined with the luxurious modern day accessories to accompany it.  

All images supplied via Patrick Roberts Official and taken by Achilles Prinos.

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