The protagonists are predominantly active in a creative, artistic environment. They are each completely dedicated to different things, but all have one thing in common: they are doing their own thing - with all their heart and soul.

Stéphane Ashpool, Parisian fashion designer, 2020, Porsche AG

One of the people featured is Stéphane Ashpool, a Parisian fashion designer, who sells street wear and high fashion under the “Pigalle” label.

In another episode, graffiti artist Christina Angelina from Los Angeles describes how she forges a direct connection to her soul with the physically demanding act of spray painting.

Other episodes feature the Japanese DJane Hito and Lino DiSalvo, a director for animated films, who produced “Playmobil: The Movie” last year.

The Canadian entrepreneurs Kaeli Robinsong and Jason Sussman explain how they remain true to themselves while expanding their business model - from the original food truck on Vancouver Island to numerous restaurants.

A German entrepreneur, Julius Dittmann, is also one of the protagonists. Julius is the son of the skateboarding pioneer Titus Dittmann and currently the Managing Director of the eponymous brand “Titus”.


“We want to make the individual passion of interesting personalities tangible with ‘The Soul Within’," said Oliver Hoffmann, Head of Marketing Communications at Porsche AG.

"What drives them, and what is really important to them? With this series, we are exploring the world of our young target group and dealing with relevant topics. Not a single Porsche can be seen in more than two hours of film time. Instead, we are highlighting what people have in common, things that might not be guessed immediately, demonstrating the values which we represent as a brand.”

Julius Dittmann, Managing Director of the skateboard brand “Titus”, 2020, Porsche AG
Julius Dittmann is the Managing Director of the brand „Titus“

The video series was produced by Petrolicious. Porsche is using a media cooperation with the online and print magazine VICE as one of its distribution channels. This means that the films will also be published and advertised via a shared online hub in addition to Porsche’s own YouTube channel. Porsche has intensively portrayed soul as a theme in its communication since the Taycan launch. The motto “Soul, electrified” emphasises the fact that this fully electric car also embodies all the typical characteristics of a Porsche.

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