Preparations continue for the Australian arrival of the Taycan, the first all-electric Porsche sportscar.

Porsche Cars Australia has worked with JET Charge to assess and plan for the future charging needs of each Porsche Centre.

Porsche Centres across the country are in the process of finalising installation of charging infrastructure that will be capable of charging current and future EV and PHEV models.

Porsche Cars Australia Managing Director & CEO Sam Curtis

“It is exciting to see years of planning and preparation now come to fruition at Porsche Centres around Australia,” said Sam Curtis, Managing Director and CEO, Porsche Cars Australia.

“When Porsche Centres take delivery of the new Taycan from February 2021, our people and facilities will be well prepared.”

JET Charge has previously worked with Porsche Centres in performing home checks for owners in preparation for their purchase of a Porsche EV such as a Taycan, or a PHEV such as a Cayenne or Panamera E-Hybrid models.

"Some of the chargers we have installed in Porsche Centres in recent months are among the fastest charging stations available globally,” said JET Charge CEO Tim Washington.

“Porsche Centres with these ultra-rapid DC chargers give us a glimpse into the future of dealerships. They are not only a place to buy, sell and maintain cars, but potentially recharge your electric vehicle in a fast and convenient way."

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350kW DC charging stations, capable of charging a Porsche Taycan from 5-80% in 22.5 minutes in optimal conditions, will be installed in some Porsche Centres. Some others will install 175kW DC chargers. All Porsche Centres will have AC chargers.

Preparation for Taycan goes beyond installing chargers. The electricity infrastructure of each Porsche Centre was examined by Porsche Cars Australia and JET Charge over the past two years, with many making upgrades to increase capacity.

Many Porsche Centres have also made upgrades such as changes to parking areas to ensure access to newly-installed chargers. Even service workshops have been assessed and upgraded, with many Porsche Centres creating dedicated service areas for Taycan and future all-electric models.

Several Porsche Centres with high powered charging stations will generate energy via rooftop solar installations and/or battery storage support.

Taycan owners can also charge their sportscars at home, via the Porsche Destination Charging network and access a complimentary three-year subscription to the Chargefox Ultra-Rapid DC charging network (up to 350 kW) and complimentary charging at selected Chargefox-managed Fast DC charging sites (mostly 50 kW) &.

The Porsche Taycan arrives in Porsche Centres around Australia from February 2021.

& Access to complimentary Chargefox charging services is subject to customers downloading the Chargefox app and accepting Chargefox’s terms and conditions.

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