Unseen: Mauer's design studies

For the first time in the recent history of Porsche, Chief Designer Michael Mauer is opening up the archives of the Porsche Design Studio. He explains his philosophy and the Porsche design DNA in the “Porsche Unseen” project.

Unseen: Porsche visions

Welcome to the future: visionary concept car designs of a wide range of vehicle categories have been produced in the Porsche Design Studio in Weissach for many years. The 9:11 Magazine shows the “Unseen” models.

Comic hero Michel Vaillant

Racing for more than 60 years: Michel Vaillant. The driver from the comic is a cult figure. Thanks to the penmanship of Frenchman Benjamin Bénéteau, the hero drives from victory to victory with the best racing cars.

911 Dreaming

CGI artist Chris Labrooy does not fit into any of the usual categories, his work is completely innovative. In the 9:11 Magazine, the Scotsman gives an insight into his world and explains why the Porsche 911 is a true Hollywood hero for him.


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9:11 Magazine: the aesthetics of a one-off

9:11 Magazine: the aesthetics of a one-off

An absolute one-off in Episode 22: a 356 thought to be lost to history reappears and a unique 911 is created in a secret transatlantic project. In addition, Alfredo Häberli talks about the poetry of design.