Hosted by Kirsten Galliott, Editor-in-Chief of Qantas magazine and Travel Insider, the series focuses on three very different leaders who share how they manage the creative process alongside business needs and how they encourage inventiveness in the workplace.

Porsche ambassador Mark Webber features in each episode as a mid-roll interview and as a bonus episode, where he talks about his first Porsche experience, design, teamwork and the shared goal of winning. "There’s nothing better than champagne in your veins when you start to win and that gives the team the confidence they’re on the right track,” says Webber. “But you can’t rest on your laurels." 

“Keep egos to a minimum and make sure you are on the goal of winning. Having that winning culture, there is nothing better than that." Mark Webber

In episode one, Nick Mitzevich, the director of the National Gallery of Australia, reveals how disciplined he is about both his diary and his work-life balance. He also describes his upbringing on a farm and how that taught him the foundations of creativity.  “It is very much about having an awareness for everything around you,” says Mitzevich. “To be responsive to change and to change gears."

Author and 12WBT founder Michelle Bridges discusses her transition from being a trainer to a leader in episode two. The capacity to learn on the job is everything, she says, and her creativity is constantly sparked by moving her body. “It releases good feeling hormones, that it actually allows the brain to quieten, and get creative," says Bridges. "Some of my best ideas come out of the back of a workout.”

In episode three, Graeme Mason, the CEO of Screen Australia, explains how stories on Australian screens are evolving, thanks to more locally based productions, and how YouTube is creating new audiences and storytelling experiences. “I’m trying to ensure Australians get to tell stories that Australians can see,” says Mason. “Because our sector really influences the way the world sees us."


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The Creative CEO - Bonus Episode with Mark Webber

The Creative CEO - Nick Mitzevich Director of the National Gallery of Australia

The Creative CEO - Michelle Bridges Author and founder of 12WBT

The Creative CEO - Graeme Mason CEO of Screen Australia

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