“Portugal is the California of Europe, only on a smaller scale,” says Stefan Bogner with obvious enthusiasm. “It has a magical and wild nature, is flooded with sunlight and offers great variety.” The parallels are indeed unmistakable: with exciting contrasts, isolated regions and dynamic cities, it is green in the north, dry and hot in the south.

Even the surfers who can be found looking for the flow on the Atlantic coast call to mind those on the other West Coast – one located many thousands of miles away. But while California is a young and turbulent region, in its teenage years in terms of development, Portugal is ancient. And with that age comes wisdom and inspiration.

It is also the setting for the latest issue of Curves magazine. Creator Stefan Bogner and his team travelled thousands of miles putting together the pages of the new edition – this time on the roads around Porto, exploring the inland mountain ranges, along the Atlantic Coast, and ever further south to the Algarve.

The wheels chosen for this latest adventure? The Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet. “It is a soul surfer, travel buddy and working animal,” says Bogner. “We always find it practically impossible to explain how the Porsche engineers succeed in creating such perfection – perfection that is so natural and has so much genuine feeling. It is pure emotion, and Soulful Driving at its best.”


Readers can relive the Portugese experiences across almost 300 pages in the latest issue of Curves magazine.

Photos: Stefan Bogner


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