Voluntary engagement is an integral part of Porsche’s corporate culture. The “Porsche hilft” initiative complements Porsche’s extensive financial aid with the placement of voluntary helpers.  

A digital platform lists organizations and associations that need the support of volunteers. The selection of projects and organizations is aligned with the company’s strategy, especially the sustainability aspects of engagement and empowerment. The platform enables every employee to find a suitable engagement, the support is delivered straight to the projects on site, and team cohesion among the employees is strengthened at the same time. Porsche is expanding the initiative continuously and broadening the array of possible assignments.  

The platform is being put to good use, with volunteers performing more than 2,500 hours of voluntary work in 2023. For example, they helped redesign playgrounds for disadvantaged children and young people, planted trees, and marked World Cleanup Day by picking up waste from around Porsche locations worldwide as part of an international campaign, and made the Christmas wishes of disadvantaged children come true. Alongside Porsche’s anniversary fundraiser, other voluntary activities were available at the location in Stuttgart on the weekends in the fourth quarter of 2023. Some 750 employees teamed up with “Trinkwasserwald e.V.” and “Supp_Optimal” to plant around 8,000 trees and distribute around 2,000 meals to people in need. Employees also had the option to donate to the organizations in just a few clicks via the Porsche intranet. 

The annual Christmas initiative was one of many that took place in 2023, where Porsche employees could make a disadvantaged child’s Christmas dream come true. In 2023, the initiative supported children and young people in the care of Caritas and Stuttgarter Jugendhausgesellschaft. This year, the option is also available to support the “Femmetastisch” project and the child protection association Kinderschutzbund Stuttgart. More than 150 wishes were fulfilled and around €6,000 were donated to specific projects in 2023.  

With “Porsche hilft,” Porsche is focusing on people. The initiative makes it clear that each one of us can make an important contribution to society and help bring about positive change.