The “Porsche Aftersales Vocational Education” (PAVE) program has been training highly qualified employees in technical professions for 15 years. The trainees attend training at international locations—in accordance with European standards—and are then appointed to the dealer organizations of Porsche and other Volkswagen Group brands around the world.  

Everyone benefits from the PAVE program: the young adults, many of whom are from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, gain access to first-class vocational training and the dealer organizations are provided with highly qualified employees. Long-term, strategic school partnerships also ensure that vocational training skills are embedded locally. This means that PAVE aims to have a lasting effect. At the same time, changes in vocational training requirements are responded to flexibly and in advance by the program. All in all, PAVE offers young people highly promising development opportunities, which not only promotes individual self-determination, but also leads to improvements in society as a side effect.