Stuttgart City Guide

Stuttgart is not only the state capital of Baden-Württemberg and the home of Porsche - it is here that the original Swabian conservative meets a lively, urban lifestyle. Although the creative duo Florian and Simon Roser have moved to the city, they feel at home in the "Kessel" of Stuttgart. In the Porsche Newsroom, the "Roserbrothers" present their favourite places in the Swabian metropolis.

We arrived more by chance than anything else – Florian obtained a university place in Stuttgart in 2011 and decided to give life in Swabia a chance. Initially, the intention was that it would be an interim move, before setting out into the great wide world.

Fast forward seven years – and after countless journeys and extended stopovers in places like Berlin and New York – we both live in Stuttgart permanently. It was the right decision for a whole host of reasons.

The right mix

What we value so much here is the combination of a solid, established foundation and new influences. Some might complain about the conservative Swabian values, but we like the reliability and loyalty of our community.

It is also growing: creative Stuttgart does not hide itself away, and many people no longer consider it necessary to move to Berlin or other creative hotspots around the world. Everyone knows and meets each other here – and everyone remains loyal. The evenings are full of exciting events with creative minds and are proof that Swabians know how to do ‘cool’ very well.

What about a sightseeing tour?

Most people know of the main railway station, television tower and the Cannstatter Wasen in Stuttgart. But if you look a little deeper, you soon discover how many sights and hidden jewels are actually here. Let us take you on a tour ...

Driving on, we turn off towards Schwabstraße and pass through the Schwabtunnel – the oldest car tunnel in the world – before reaching the South Quarter of Stuttgart.

If we follow the B14 road towards the city centre, this takes us past the newly renovated and impressive Wilhelmspalais.

In the evening, we move on towards Stuttgart city centre.

Next, we look eagerly towards the East Quarter of Stuttgart. This quarter extends from the Schlossgarten Park over the hill towards the River Neckar, and we haven’t made this our personal focal point for no reason.

There is plenty of hustle and bustle in the East Quarter, and an increasing number of new hotspots are making their home here. In our opinion, the best ice cream in the city can also be found here, in the Schleckerei ice-cream parlour at Landhausstraße 154. Cafés and restaurants are sure to follow soon.

From the newest buildings in the city, we now make our way out into the countryside.

Our final destination is the Porsche Museum. Here also, old and new meet up again – like in the whole city.

We could have continued our city tour forever: with a visit to the Wilhelma – Stuttgart’s zoo and botanical garden; Tübinger Straße with its many new and trendy bars; or the large flea market which takes place on Karlsplatz every Saturday. But some things are best discovered in person. Put them on your list for when you visit this surprising city.

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