Co-working, home office, maximum flexibility: These are buzz words from a modern world of work that seems to be in a constant beta stage. Traditional concepts such as “9 to 5” are a thing of the past – Generation Y knowledge workers have freed themselves from the bounds of working at particular locations and at particular times. They have redefined the concepts of work and the office. Knowledge workers from Generation Y are constantly mobile, and thanks to the latest technology, they are able to work when and where they are needed. When working in this way, they require maximum flexibility while still enjoying the same opportunity to strike an ideal balance between work and private life.

Rico Nuguid and Christian Stumpp from the multiple award-winning Berlin-based startup Tandemploy are the driving forces behind the new world of work. They are job sharers who are rethinking the way in which we work. The two young co-founders see their own “work-drive balance” as follows: “We believe in work that fits into our lives, in flexible work starting today, not some day in the future”. Since 2013, the team at Tandemploy has been the leading job-sharing platform in German-speaking countries. Rico Nuguid, Christian Stumpp and the Berlin-based team help companies to introduce flexible working arrangements that represent a win-win situation for employers and employees, for example when two people share one full-time role. Along with a vision of enabling individuals to define the scope of their own work, the startup has developed smart solutions based on the latest technology, which enable companies and organisations to implement job rotation, mentoring programmes or employer branding measures in the form of Software-as-a-Service solutions.

And what does the hectic daily routine of a company founder look like in between meeting with investors, interacting with customers, visiting trade fairs and spending time in the company office in Berlin? For the founders of Tandemploy, it involves enjoying some quality time at the wheel, as well as some “me time” to recharge their batteries so that they can think up new ideas. Regardless of whether they are in the startup metropolis that is Berlin, or on the Autobahn heading towards Lake Scharmützel in Brandenburg, Rico and Christian are bound to have fun in their extensive test of the Porsche.

In the Turbo version, the Gran Turismo accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.6 seconds and reaches a top speed of 306 km/h with a V8 bi-turbo engine and 404 kW/550 hp (combined fuel consumption 9.4–9.3 l/100 km; CO2 emissions 214–212 g/km). Thanks to these strong performance figures, the employees of Tandemploy were able to comfortably navigate the bends of the busy streets of Berlin and were also pressed back in their seats during periods of acceleration. The right car for work-drive balance – regardless of whether you are going about your hectic work life or heading out of the city on a spontaneous road trip. 

Christian Stumpp (l.) and Rico Nuguid from Tandemploy.

Find out more about Porsche's tour of Berlin with the company founders and representatives from emerging business media under the hashtag #workdrivebalance on Instagram and in this article on Porsche Newsroom.

„Work-Drive Balance“

Regardless of whether it is in your job, spending time with the family or just in your free time — sometimes the schedule is so tight that you hardly have a moment to yourself. As a result, those happy moments are sometimes cut short. So it is perfect when you can combine something pleasurable with something useful. Having the right car is important in this respect. The enjoyment derived from driving turns the stressful route into work or to meetings  into a positive experience. The new Panamera is a business saloon, sportscar and family car all in one – the perfect car for a good “Work-Drive Balance”.

Consumption data

Panamera Turbo: combined fuel consumption 9.4 – 9.3 l/100 km; CO2 emissions 214 – 212 g/km

Panamera 4S: combined fuel consumption 8.2 – 8.1 l/100 km; CO2 emissions 186 – 184 g/km

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