Paris Fashion Week is the grand finale of the international fashion season. It is where the world's most famous designers and models hold elaborate shows to present the trends in the upcoming seasons.

Fitting seamlessly into this world of stunning designs and future trends is the new Porsche Panamera – the object of interest for photographer Marcus Hoffmann. At Paris Fashion Week, he created a photo gallery of this Gran Turismo for the online platform DriveTribe. 

Panamera – fitting seamlessly into the world of designs and future trends

“Even the journey from Stuttgart to Paris was a fantastic experience”, says Hoffmann. “It is a distance of about 850 kilometres, but the entire production team were relaxed as they got out of the car. The Panamera is a surprisingly comfortable car for long journeys”.

Once there, the team went straight to work. Some of the best-known landmarks in Paris were used as backdrops for the photos – the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and the Grand Palais.

A particular model in the French capital: the new Porsche Panamera

More images can be found on DriveTribe.

"I would like to use the photos to display fresh concepts from promising young designers", says Hoffmann when discussing his work. And people passing by the public photo-shoot in Paris noticed something other than the fashion: “The blue Panamera caught the eye wherever we went. There were always at least three smartphones pointing in its direction, with people saying ‘aaah – le Porsch!’”.

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