The new Panamera will be revealed on Tuesday evening and, fittingly, the final few miles of its development work as a prototype were in the hands of racer, team manager and actor Patrick Dempsey in an environment in which any Porsche thrives – the Goodwood Hill. A 1.16-mile long combination of short straights and challenging corners with a fearsome reputation.

Emerging from the Panamera prototype after his run, Patrick said: ‘I’ve never been here before but I was aware of the Hill’s reputation – to do it in the completely new  Porsche Panamera Turbo added to the pressure and it took a bit of courage but it was a spectacular ride. The car was amazing – it gripped hard off the line and although I took it pretty easy I hope I put on a good show.’  

Patrick Dempsey, Panamera Turbo, Goodwood Festival, 2016, Porsche AG
Patrick Dempsey driving the Panamera

While it was the first time Patrick Dempsey had visited Goodwood, the new Panamera prototype was there for a second time – albeit, on a different continent and over 8,000-miles away.

Goodwood also happens to be an area of Cape Town, South Africa, was visited by prototypes during part of the new Panamera’s hot weather development programme, which has seen the new car subjected to the toughest roads and highest (and lowest) temperatures on earth. By comparison, for both the new Panamera and for Patrick Dempsey, the final journey to the Goodwood Festival of Speed was serene, completed at lower speeds and with less drama than they’re both used to.

The new Panamera completed its journey as a prototype at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and will be unveiled in full production form on Tuesday evening at a special event in Berlin.

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