I’ve got many Porsche moments that will stay with me forever – winning the WEC in the 919 Hybrid would be one – and I think I've just experienced another: driving the Mission E for the first time.

It’s a game changer, this car. Quite literally, it is stealth in motion.

Still clearly a Porsche, it actually kept reminding me of the 919, as there were times were we could drive our Le Mans racer on E-Motor alone.

The gorgeous view from inside the cockpit over the front wheel arches is pure 918 and the way the four-wheel drive system puts its 600 hp down simply sensational.

I’m a bit of an old-school kind of guy and I love nothing more than to drive so I don’t mind admitting I had some reservations. I thought that the Mission E could feel a little heavy but the driving experience is seriously dynamic: the four-wheel steering, the performance and the braking ability were a really amazing experience.

I’ve driven lots of cars over the years that I’ve fallen for but the Mission E really stands out. I’m looking forward to driving it a lot more in the future.

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