DriveTribe: A journey of discovery through Lombardy

Lombardy at harvest time is all about gathering grapes, picking apples and hunting for truffles. Photographer Marcus Hoffmann recently took to the road with a Porsche Macan GTS on behalf of DriveTribe.

With vineyards as far as the eye can see, tiny mountain villages with ornate facades and the carefree feel of the Mediterranean, Lombardy is also characterised by great lakes and thermal springs. Crossing this idyllic landscape, there are ancient streets and dusty gravel roads to be conquered. And in the centre of it all: the unmistakable sound of the Macan GTS. The Gran Turismo sports variant of the Macan is inspired by motorsport – just like all Porsche models with this abbreviation. And yet this vehicle still cuts a fine figure at a standstill. “The Macan visually complements the scenic Italian mountain landscape with its picturesque houses better than any other SUV model”, explains photographer Marcus Hoffmann.

Macan GTS in Lombardy

Marcus Hoffmann photographed the Macan on behalf of DriveTribe in conjunction with the new pre-fall 2017 collection from Escada. Due to the design of the Macan GTS, he had to set up the shoot slightly differently to what he had originally planned: “The silhouette has such an elegant shape that I quickly decided to move away from the concept of angled views that I had come up with, deciding instead to capture the Macan in its entirety.” You can view the finished images here on DriveTribe.

Consumption data

Macan GTS: Fuel consumption combined 9.2 – 8.8 l/100 km; CO2 emissions 215 – 207 g/km

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