Alongside Vice President Product lines 911 and 718, “Mr 911” August Achleitner, who was keen to learn what the former racing driver thought, Webber had the chance to inspect the car with its camouflage almost completely removed. Returning from his fast laps at Porsche’s development centre in Weissach, he said: “In a word, that was awesome. There are so many highlights. The wide front axle, for example, seemed to give it greater cornering performance and turning-in became even more precise. The different front and back wheel sizes make a big difference to stability when you’re changing direction quickly too. As for the design, I love it: it’s very clear and typical Porsche.”

The video, featuring all of Webber’s impressions, is ready at The centralised video portal is the new place to go for all of Porsche’s exclusive video content – free of charge and with no registration required.

The video portal complements the Porsche Newsroom – with 130 videos to start with. These can be embedded on websites, shared and downloaded for editorial use. provides background information for journalists and distributors; world premieres can be watched live. The live broadcasting of the new 911’s premiere in Los Angeles gets under way on Tuesday, 27 November, at 8pm local time (Wednesday, 28 November, 5am in Central Europe).

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