GT3 in Andalusia

Selected journalists from around the world had the opportunity to test the new Porsche 911 GT3 in the sunshine of southern Spain. Here is an overview of the event.

Porsche unveiled the new 911 GT3 in Geneva in the spring. Now, international journalists have had their first chance to take a seat in the sports car themselves. Granada and its surrounding area is the ideal location for a test drive: a picturesque landscape, beautiful weather – and a winding race track.

The experts were able to put the sporty new GT3 through its paces away from any traffic on the three-kilometre “Circuito Guadix” track. The results speak for themselves.

Journalists had the opportunity to test the new Porsche 911 GT3

“As well as being the fastest and most powerful 911 GT3 to date, this latest version is also the best. In just about every significant area it represents a step-change over the previous model, with better steering, a more sophisticated chassis and greater performance. It’s just a pity GT3 ownership remains such an exclusive and selective club.” www.autoexpress.co.uk


“Perhaps because of the rear steer it is not as benign, obviously, as a passive, front-engined car. Nor should it be. The great thing about the GT3 is that it can be any of these things – the sharpest, most focused thing you’ll see at a circuit all day, or a mild hooligan for the sake of it – entirely as your mood fits.”  www.autocar.co.uk


“[…] this car may look like it’s breaking the law when parked, but it’s actually way more naughty even than that.” www.telegraph.co.uk


“No matter how hard it’s pushed, there’s still magic to be discovered in its responses, beauty in its feedback, joy in its abilities.” www.caranddriver.com


“From the grip and the balance to the linear, natural feedback-laden steering, it’s almost annoyingly brilliant.” www.carthrottle.com


“I’m not sure there are many cars that deliver more sensation. Certainly none at this money.” www.topgear.com

Consumption data

911 GT3: Fuel consumption combined 12.9 – 12.7 l/100 km; CO2 emissions 290 – 288 g/km

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