Porsche conceived the 956 with the so-called ground effect for the Group C. It was sucked to the track surface by a specially shaped under-floor, increasing cornering speeds considerably. The debut at Le Mans in 1982 yielded a triple victory. This car was used as a test mule and played a role in the development of the TAG Turbo engine. In the autumn of 1983, the car could be seen at the Frankfurt International Motor Show IAA, now decked out in moter-of-pearl. When the Porsche Museum adopted the race car, it was restored to the livery of the 1980s Porsche works squad.



Model Year 1982
Engine 6-Cyl. Boxer Turbo
Displacement 2649 ccm
Power Output 456 kW (620 HP)
Top Speed 360 km/h


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