Exclusive electric sports boat with outstanding driving characteristics.

Porsche’s approach to sustainable mobility extends beyond the car. Which is why the sports car manufacturer has collaborated with Austria-based Frauscher Shipyard to develop an exclusive electric sports boat. The 8.67-metre day cruiser based on the Frauscher 858 Fantom Air offers exceptional driving characteristics and has space for up to nine passengers.

The drive technology of the future Porsche Macan.

Porsche has optimised and further developed its drive technology designed for road vehicles for use on the water. The Frauscher x Porsche 850 Fantom Air uses components of the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) on which the all-electric Macan is based. The technology includes the lithium-ion high voltage battery, a latest-generation permanently excited synchronous electric motor (PSM), and the related power electronics. Thanks to the 800-volt technology from Porsche, the electric boat can be charged at DC fast-charging stations. AC charging is also possible.

Design influence of Studio F. A. Porsche.

Along with the drive technology, aspects of the project also bear the design signature of Porsche. Studio F.A. Porsche is responsible for the design of the helmstand and the resulting redesign of the main console with its throttle and integrated displays. The typical Porsche steering wheel was designed with materials suited to the nautical environment.

Delivery from 2024 planned.

After the expected launch in 2024, the Frauscher x Porsche electric yacht will offer local-zero-emission and practically silent trips through harbours and bays, as well as a more sustainable way of exploring inland waterways and the open seas. The initial plan is for an exclusive first edition of 25 units, which can be pre-ordered from Frauscher and are to be delivered to the first customers from 2024. Interested parties can register at www.frauscherxporsche.com.

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Consumption data

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  • 1.7 – 1.2 l/100 km
  • 38 – 26 g/km
  • 29.9 – 27.5 kWh/100 km
  • 76 – 91 km

Panamera Turbo E-Hybrid

Fuel consumption* / Emissions*
Fuel consumption* combined (WLTP) 1.7 – 1.2 l/100 km
CO₂ emissions* combined (WLTP) 38 – 26 g/km
Electric power consumption* combined (WLTP) 29.9 – 27.5 kWh/100 km
Electric range* combined (WLTP) 76 – 91 km
Electric range* in town (WLTP) 83 – 93 km

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  • 430 – 456 km

Taycan Turbo S Sport Turismo

Fuel consumption* / Emissions*
Electric power consumption* combined (WLTP) 24.0 – 22.6 kWh/100 km
CO₂ emissions* combined (WLTP) 0 g/km
Electric range* combined (WLTP) 430 – 456 km
Electric range* in town (WLTP) 518 – 562 km