Along with the Coupé and the Cabriolet (from early 1994), from 1996 Porsche once again sold a Targa version of the 993. However, this time it did not feature a removable roof section, but rather a glass roof that could be lowered electrically behind the rear window. The rear window could also be opened.


With the newly designed aluminium LSA chassis (multi-link rear axle), Porsche significantly improved both the driving dynamics and the driving comfort of the 911. In 1995, the Turbo variant was equipped with twin turbochargers for the first time. This engine also proved so efficient, that it was considered the world’s lowest emissions for a series production car powertrain at the time. The newly introduced OBD II exhaust control system was one of the features that made this possible. A further innovation of the all-wheel drive Turbo version were the hollow-spoked alloy wheels. This was the first time they were used in car manufacturing. From 1996, Porsche also introduced the VarioRam intake system for the 3.6-litre engines.

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