When the race for the FIA GT World Cup in Macau was stopped and not restarted, the New Zealander Earl Bamber was in the lead at the wheel of the Porsche 911 GT3 R. However, the stewards of the meeting awarded the prestigious win on the legendary city circuit in the former Portuguese colony to Belgium’s Laurens Vanthoor – the very driver who had just been overtaken by the Porsche in a sensational manoeuvre, and had caused the race to be called off after his serious accident. Second place went to Kévin Estre (France) in the second 911 GT3 R. Earl Bamber, who was handed a five-second penalty after the start, was classified fourth.

There was much confusion amongst the fans in the packed grandstands along the 6.115-kilometre racetrack. They had come to experience the world’s most spectacular city race, but the fascinating sports cars of the seven competing automobile manufacturers turned very few laps at race speed and instead spent most of the time waiting in the pit lane. And then the car that ended the race sliding along on its roof was declared the winner. Causing even more bewilderment amongst fans was the guessing game of who had now actually won the race.

Earl Bamber was leading before the race was ended

What was clear at this time, however, was who was leading prior to the final red-flagging of the race – and that was Earl Bamber. At the wheel of the 500 hp customer sports racer, which was designed for worldwide GT3 series on the basis of the 911 GT3 RS production sports car, Bamber had posted second in the qualification race and had taken up the race from the first grid row. But after just four laps, the race for the FIA GT World Cup was halted for the first time after an accident. When the race continued after a long break for repairs to the guardrails, only a good 15 minutes were left on the clock.

At the restart, Earl Bamber put in a brilliant overtaking manoeuvre to sweep past the leading Laurens Vanthoor, who shortly afterwards made an error which caused his Audi to flip onto its roof. This handed Kévin Estre second place. Again, the race had to be interrupted. While drivers in the pits and the fans in grandstands waited for the race to restart, the officials announced that the event would be terminated. In accordance with the regulations, to determine the result of the race, the classification of the lap before the halting of the race was applied.

Kévin Estre, Team Manthey Racing, FIA GT World Cup, Macau/China, 2016, Porsche AG
Kévin Estre was classified second

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